25 November 2019

ClearVu protecting Critical Infrastructure – Case Study #001

ClearVu protecting Critical Infrastructure – Case Study #001

Released for public distribution.

Cochrane Global, designers and manufacturers of the ClearVu Range of Perimeter Security Products are at the forefront of design and innovation.

National Key Points are defined by governments as strategic installations, such as military bases or factories, dams, refineries which require special security.

When requested by a multi-national oil concern, Cochrane’s design team, used sophisticated modelling software to tackle the challenge:

Deploy a holistic coastal solution to protect a restricted facility from both water and land borne threats.

ClearVu protecting Critical Infrastructure

The first challenge : Longevity

Saltwater environments are notoriously harsh environments in which to operate, placing enormous stress of metal-based products.  Combined with high humidity, traditional security fence cannot withstand these elements.

The Solution: Cochrane Marine Fusion Bond

Cochrane Marine Fusion Bond
Cochrane’s Marine Fusion Bond

Challenge #2 Seaborne threats of Pump Gear / Off-shore Mooring

Using Cochrane’s patented Marine Floating Barrier provided the ability to protect vital pump gear on and off-shore.

Cochrane Marine Floating Barrier - ClearVu protecting Critical Infrastructure
Cochrane Marine Floating Barrier

Challenge #3 Perimeter Security

Based on an extensive needs analysis, the appropriate type of ClearVu Fence was selected to deal with the identified threat profile of the client.

Options for the securing of the physical security barrier included:

Due to security reason, the final high security fence selected by the client cannot be disclosed.

ClearVu Invisible Wall - ClearVu protecting Critical Infrastructure
ClearVu Invisible Wall – Key National Point – Oil Refinery

Challenge #4 Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Threat

The storage tanks posed a challenge, taking into account the environment, location to a waterway and the overall threat analysis, using Cochrane’s lengthy experience in dealing with these specific threats the deployment of Cochrane’s Anti-Rocket Barrier

Cochrane ClearVu Anti-Rocket Barrier - ClearVu protecting Critical Infrastructure
Cochrane ClearVu Anti-Rocket Barrier

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