With over three decades of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing physical perimeter security barriers for the world’s foremost corporations, security services and defence agencies, Cochrane has gained an enviable reputation for innovation. To illustrate, most products that began as highly-specialised “bespoke builds” soon became part of our ever-expanding inventory of unique security solutions – not only contributing to our growing knowledge base, but to hundreds of design patents and registrations. Simply put, developing world-firsts has invariably meant both defining new categories and setting the benchmark for quality, service delivery and, above all, collaboration.

In this respect, our core mission – as one of the most trusted Security Providers on earth – is to first gain an in-depth understanding of the industries and environments in which our products will be deployed so they go beyond merely meeting expectations. That means not only engaging in extensive research and rigorous fine-tuning, in partnership with our Clients, but drawing on the expertise of the world’s finest designers, engineers, project managers, compliance specialists and security consultants.

From our architecturally-inspired ClearVu Invisible Wall range to our Marine Floating Barrier – the world’s only rough-water, high-security defence system – our track record in over 140 countries speaks volumes about our commitment to merging local and international talent to address the specific needs of the most challenging sites on earth. In this way, besides mitigating current risks, our research and development focus ensures that our Clients are also protected against future threats. It’s a philosophy that lies both at the heart of multi-generational business relationships and those that are yet to be forged.

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