The Cochrane Corporation – Who We Are

Cochrane Global is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of unique physical perimeter security barriers. With a reputation for innovation and quality spanning over three decades, we remain at the cutting edge of security developments with dozens of worldwide patented products that protect a broad range of industries and entities. Our vision is to remain the world’s most trusted and valued high-security solutions provider – with an unwavering commitment to finding new solutions to protecting our client’s key assets. Our patented, custom security solutions range from the architecturally-inspired ClearVu Invisible Wall product range to the Marine Floating Barrier, the world’s only rough-water, high-security barrier.

We believe in partnering extensively with our clients, identifying current and future risks while ensuring that each and every stakeholder receives the personal attention they demand and come to expect from the Cochrane security detail. Experts in risk analysis, we continue to draw on the expertise of the world’s finest designers, engineers, project managers, compliance experts and security consultants to allow us to redefine the benchmark in our class. Through a large global presence and a multiskilled workforce, we draw strength and knowledge from the regions in which we operate and local expertise, on the ground. This allows Cochrane Global to design effective

Our product range continues to evolve by listening to, and understanding, our client’s current threats and challenges developing effective solutions to meet their changing needs. With a proven track record in over 140 countries, 17 strategically positioned offices and increasing local fabrication and manufacturing capacity, we have the capability to supply anywhere in the world.

At Cochrane Global, we don’t just erect fences, or draw the line in the sand or sea – we reimagine and elevate the level of security that governments, commercial entities and private interests come to expect. We set the standard in, and guarantee unrivalled physical perimeter security defence while building lasting partnerships with our clients for generations to come

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