Castle Spike

Clearvu Castle Spike

Castle Spike

The Castle Spike, a popular solution among Cochrane Global’s barrier additions range, is anornamental fencing topping option that acts as an effective intrusion deterrent, commonly found atop Clearvu fence panels. As a decorative gate spikes addition, it offers a neat andless aggressive appearance, yet still bears the anti-climb attributes required to protect yourkey assets.
The Castle Spike fence toppings are easy to install and are suitable for use in any

Castle Spike Features

· Follows the contours of your perimeter

· Boasts a neat and attractive appearance

· Simple to install on new or existing fences.

· Provide a Low-Cost solution for effective intrusion deterrent

Tough Design. Easy to Install

Cochrane’s Castle Spike toppings are made from high toughened steel and set at equalintervals on fence panel edges. Depending on your environment, the spikes are custom-manufactured in a variety of castings or finishes, to ensure that your product has a long life-expectancy, adapting to climatic extremes. In developing the Castle Spike, our designers and engineers sought to answer our clients’ challenges of creating a fence topping that was both unobtrusive and non-threatening but provides superior perimeter protection to stop intruders from gaining unauthorized access to their properties.

They have been designed, not only to be affixed to ClearVu panel edges but can also be custom-made to be quickly installed to your existing wall or fence. Cochrane attaches your spikes to your fencing perimeter via a series of anti-vandal bolts, ensuring that intruders cannot tamper with, or extract the product from its internal fittings.

From retail showrooms to historic buildings and highway perimeters, clients across the worldrely on the Cochrane Global Castle Spike as a topping option that bridges an attractive appearance with effective intrusion deterrence. Contact our Sales team today in your location to enquire about custom design and installation of Castle Spike fence toppings for your perimeter.

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