25 April 2023

High-Security Experts – Cochrane Global’s Collaborative Approach

High-Security Experts - Cochrane Global's Collaborative Ap proach

While the name Cochrane Global is synonymous with superior physical perimeter barrier solutions, we are also high-security experts with decades of experience in protecting the world’s most important assets. In every aspect of the planning, design, and manufacturing of bespoke solutions for our valued clients, we assemble and deploy the most skilled professionals in their field to your project to ensure that nothing is left to chance in safeguarding the infrastructure and safety of our customers.  

Our unmatched reputation has been built and upheld in the signature products that fortify Government, private and commercial interests across the globe. However, our deeper success lies in the team effort of high-security experts across several specialized departments, which combine to ensure that Cochrane Global remains at the forefront of physical perimeter security.  
In this article, we outline the various departments in our organization that negotiate challenges, assess environments, draft solutions, and combine their talents to ensure that your next perimeter security project remains in safe hands, pre, and post-installation. 


Engineers – Creating Designs that Mitigate any Risk 

The strength of our designs is a testament to our in-house civil, electrical, structural, and design engineering teams, who continue to challenge and redefine the concept of perimeter protection and security. Equally adept in a built or natural environment and conscious of the geographical, meteorological, and human risks associated with unique projects, our engineering team is the foundation of our successful projects. Our engineering team collaborates to ensure that your specific requirements are met, from concept to realization.  


Program Management – Decisive, from Draft to Deployment 

The successful supply and installation of ClearVu fencing and custom Cochrane Global perimeter security solutions are expertly handled by our Program Management team in dedicated teams across all continents.  


Combining decades of experience as high-security experts, and evolving knowledge of different global landscapes, our program management engine room drafts comprehensive programmes to ensure effective implementation.  

Risk Advisory – Security Experts that See into the Future 

Often referred to as the fortune tellers in our multi-disciplinary team, our risk advisory department takes a deliberative approach to our valued clients’ projects. Effective risk advisory for perimeter security involves the unearthing of both current and future threats that may be posed to any site to ensure that the most effective solution is implemented to counter and withstand any relevant threats to your specific environment.  

By ‘seeing into the future,’ we provide ongoing intelligence and recommendations that allow your scalable Cochrane products solution to adapt to changing risks.  

Manufacture and Fabrication 

With 17 offices and five mass production facilities strategically located across the globe, we adopt a hands-on approach to protecting our clients’ critical interests in over 100 countries. Quality assurance and system integrity drive our manufacturing and fabrication team forward, setting us apart from the competition in every region we operate in.  


With hundreds of design patents and registrations to our name, we remain at the forefront of our clients’ exacting demands through extensive research, development, and the design-inspired manufacturing of impenetrable security solutions. To learn more about our signature range ClearVu portfolio, view our Brochure. 

Cochrane Global – Your Dream Team of High-Security Experts 

By drawing on the expertise and collaboration of the world’s most advanced engineers, designers, advisors, and program managers, Cochrane Global is trusted as a strategic partner for corporations, Governments, and defense agencies across the globe.  

Whether your site needs a temporary fencing solution for mobile or rapid deployment, or requires superior protection to safeguard critical infrastructure, our high-security experts manage and exceed your expectations from concept to completion.  
Contact our Team in one of our Global Offices today to discuss your unique requirements and collaborate on a solution that ticks all your security requirement boxes. 

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