28 February 2023

Transparent Fencing – The Unseen Advantages of an Invisible Fence

Transparent Fencing - The Unseen Advantages of an Invisible Fence

When deciding on a perimeter protection barrier for your site, business or property, transparent fencing has emerged as both an effective and attractive solution for safeguarding your assets. Combining both an aesthetic appearance to showcase your interior, and the high security you always require, transparent boundary fencing has become a statement piece in perimeter security. Oozing in style and sophistication, yet uncompromising in securing your site and keeping unwanted visitors or threats at bay.

In a recent article, we explored the decision to invest in an invisible wall or concealed fencing, when visibility matters to your enterprise. Through this follow-up article, we briefly outline where a transparent fencing application would perfectly complement your commercial and security interests, while also identifying risk areas which require a more concealed approach.


Your Window to a World of Customers and Visitors.

Think of iconic or historical buildings in your city and you may have noticed how their exterior may have evolved in recent years. From Government buildings to luxury car showrooms, these properties require clear visibility to attract potential customers and visitors. However, these also contain high-value assets and items of national or historic importance that require constant monitoring and access control.

ClearVu the Invisible Wall was developed by Cochrane Global to meet these exact requirements while integrating an array of patented security enhancements to bolster protection against unauthorized entry. Our team has engineered the most visually-appealing steel perimeter fence in existence, made with the finest steel and coating finishes to ensure longevity and durability in all weather conditions.

Our industry-leading transparent fencing solutions often marked with the distinctive ClearVu logo, is the ideal application for industries such as;

  • Luxury Motor Dealerships
  • Historical Buildings
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Modern Corporate Headquarters
  • Educational Institutes
  • Contemporary Residential Complexes

Our design and engineering, and risk advisory teams can assess and develop a bespoke solution for your property, which can solidify your perimeter with our signature Invisible Wall, or other options such as the Shadow Wall, ClearVu Curve or ClearVu Decorative Cladding.

The Limitations of Transparent Fencing in Critical Infrastructure Protection

While exterior beauty and aesthetics complement the security protocol of many commercial and public spaces, there are specific industries that require a more concealed approach, on its surface level. This particularly applies to any activity which manufactures or provides commodities or services that are critical to a country’s citizens, its Government and national defence. For this reason, we suggest a more battened-down approach to critical infrastructure security for the following industries;


  • Petro-Chemical Production
  • Energy Generation
  • Sea Ports and Defence Facilities
  • Precious Commodities
  • Refineries

Solving the Visibility Issue with Shutter Barrier

Through decades of research, manufacturing and advisory services across the globe, Cochrane Global has recognized the urgent need for more superior security enhancements on specific sites. In response, we have developed the ClearVu Shutter barrier, the industry benchmark in protecting critical assets to deter sabotage and ballistic threats. Rated as a Defence 4 type fence, and both scalable and easily removable for relocation, it is called upon by Governments and private interests to safeguard the lifeblood of many countries.

Cochrane Global – Combining Aesthetic with Robust Efficiency

Cochrane Global is the industry leader in creating physical perimeter security solutions that protect against both current and future threats. While being renowned for its ClearVu brand which integrates transparent fencing, we also specialise in custom critical infrastructure, barrier additions, the rapid deployment barrier  and a host of other innovative solutions.

Contact Us today to speak a team member in your region who can assess, advise and implement a solution to protect your property, people and assets for generations to come.

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