05 October 2023

Fencing Design – Choose Enhancement over Obscurity with ClearVu

Fencing Design - Choose Enhancement over Obscurity with ClearVu

In the evolving art of security fencing design and installation, it’s time to look beyond the notion of creating intimidating barriers around our properties and assets. While each physical perimeter installation needs to tick specific security boxes, it should not come at the expense of internal aesthetics and scaring off the people you intend to invite into your property or site.  


Fencing should not only provide security but also enhance the overall appearance of a property. In collaboration with our talented Design and Engineering team, Cochrane Global is revolutionizing fencing design through our signature ClearVu The Invisible Wall security solutions portfolio. Our innovative approach and industry experience challenge traditional security and property protection ideas to eliminate eyesores and create functional and visually appealing fences for clients and industries worldwide.  


This article outlines the four simple yet unwavering fencing design principles that guide our skilled Designers and Engineers in creating unique security solutions that protect the world’s most important sites 


1. Beauty – Blended into our Brand 

Cochrane Global believes a fence should be more than just a practical structure to obscure a property from the outside world. It should complement the architectural style and aesthetics of the property. Through ClearVu, our flagship product, Cochrane Global, offers fencing design solutions and barrier additions that merge seamlessly with any landscape. In partnership with award-winning architects, our patented designs are sleek, modern, and customisable, allowing property owners to choose from various styles, apertures, and patterns to suit their unique preferences. 

  1. 2. Security – No compromise in Fencing Design

While enhancing the appearance of a property, a fence should never compromise security. With over three decades of experience redefining and elevating physical perimeter security, ClearVu surpasses all industry standards in this critical aspect. Its unique design features narrow apertures that prevent intruders from gaining footholds while providing unobstructed visibility. The robust construction and anti-cut, anti-climb properties of ClearVu make our solutions an impenetrable barrier, offering peace of mind to Governments, defence agencies and property owners.

  1. 3. Durability – Bound by Marine Fusion Bond

Durable fencing design should withstand the test of time and both topographical and environmental factors. Cochrane Global’s ClearVu fence solutions are engineered and fabricated using the highest-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. They have maximum resistance to corrosion, UV radiation, and extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for urban and rural environments. Our additional patented Marine Fusion Bond all-weather coating assures clients that their perimeter security barriers can withstand the elements, even in the most aggressively-corrosive C5 environments 

With minimal maintenance requirements, ClearVu remains a reliable and robust fencing solution that retains its functionality and appearance over the years. 

For more details on the benefits of our Marine Fusion bond coating, read our recent article on Coastal Fencing. 


  1. 4. Enhancements – the elevated Touch

Looking at current and future threats and environmental risks, Cochrane Global goes beyond traditional boundary fencing to offer innovative enhancements alongside its signature products. Our product portfolio has recently extended to meet clients’ needs by providing additional fence toppings, razor mesh and bespoke military and defence security enhancements.   


As an adaptable physical perimeter solution, ClearVu can also be integrated with security systems, surveillance cameras, and access control mechanisms to provide a comprehensive perimeter protection solution. Our impenetrable physical perimeter barriers – combined with external, leading technology solutions, improve overall security and monitoring, enabling property owners to monitor and control access at all corners with peace of mind 


Cochrane Global – Refining Security Fencing Design – Invisible Wall by Wall 


As an industry leader in innovative physical perimeter solutions, Cochrane Global continues to elevate the benchmark in security advisory, design and deployment. With the dedication mentioned above to beauty, security, durability, and a growing collection of enhancements, our products stand out, in a security class of its own, as a reliable choice for property owners worldwide.  


To explore the possibilities of blending sleek fencing design with uncompromising protection in your site’s perimeter, contact your nearest local Cochrane Global office to discuss your specific needs.


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