29 May 2023

Temporary Fencing – Maintain Crowd Control at a Moment’s Notice 

Temporary Fencing - Maintain Crowd Control at a Moment’s Notice

Temporary fencing solutions have become critical in today’s unpredictable world where security and crowd control can often become hostile at a moment’s notice. While physical perimeter security barriers provide a solid line of defence against the everyday threats of vandals, criminals and opportunists, there is a growing need for a more flexible solution to counter situations that can escalate across wider, unprotected areas. Contrary to mobile fencing, which is often used at special events and festivals to maintain orderly queues, high-security fencing, in a temporary-deployed context needs to provide a greater level of pro 

In our recent article, Cochrane Global explored the concept of rapid deployment when needed most, to deescalate volatile threats. As a follow-up, this article discusses the need for and application of a temporary fencing solution to respond to hostility and threats in any location. It also showcases the capabilities of the Rapid Deployment Barrier in creating an immediate response to unfolding situations while outlining industries and environments which can benefit most from this innovative solution. 

The Need for a Temporary Fencing Solution for Maximum Protection 

The increasing need for efficient security that deals with aggressive crowd control has led to a growing demand for temporary fencing solutions across various applications. Traditional methods of establishing boundary fencing and controlling access often fall short in dynamic situations where the sheer volume of numbers can destroy barriers and leave properties (and their inhabitants or workers) vulnerable to attack. Opportunists will always seek out the weakest point in a perimeter and exploit it to gain entry,. Maximum security temporary fencing addresses this challenge by providing a flexible and rapidly deployable solution that can be utilized across various scenarios.  
How Cochrane Global’s Rapid Deployment Barrier Works.

 Designed and developed in response to the industry’s request for instantly-deployable perimeter security, the patented Rapid Deployment Barrier offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for establishing secure perimeters swiftly. Housed within a mobile trailer, the barrier can be deployed by personnel within seconds, with a range extending up to 1000 feet. Its innovative design incorporates high-quality steel and cutting-edge engineering, ensuring quick and reliable deployment while maintaining high-security standards. Essentially, the Rapid Deployment Barrier can follow the crowd and react instantaneously when a situation escalates from calm to chaotic.  

By integrating additional patented technologies across Cochrane’s products portfolio, the barrier can be customised with a range of barbed wire or razor wire options, including our Welded Ripper Blade razor mesh. Effectively providing a mobile forcefield around your property exterior, the swift application of this temporary fencing solution ensures that your barrier, not your key assets and infrastructure, takes the brunt of force in withstanding a sudden attack by volatile groups. 

Key Features of the Rapid Deployment Barrier System 

The barrier’s robust construction and anti-climbing features provide a formidable physical obstacle, minimizing the risk of breaches. Furthermore, its modular design allows scalability and customization to suit specific client security requirements.  

 Above and beyond its flexibility and scalability, the solution offers the following additional benefits compared to similar products in the marketplace. 


  • Barriers are reusable and are easily transportable between sites.
  • The high-quality materials used, and additional customisations available allow the barrier to be deployed and maintained in hazardous and extreme environments
  • The barrier is compressed into modules, which allows for the quick release and rewinding of the system. 
  • It is a completely Mobile solution with no foundations or pinning required for it to operate.


  • The wide perimeter protection provided by the barrier allows clients to reduce policing and security costs that are normally needed to patrol a similar area size. 


Which industries benefit most from acquiring a Temporary Fencing Solution? 

 The Rapid Deployment Barrier has become the mobile high-security barrier of choice across various industries worldwide. Defence personnel, police forces, and military units often rely on our solution for crowd control and swift response to potential threats. Additionally, event organizers, border control agencies, public utilities, and infrastructure developers can greatly benefit from the flexibility and adaptability of this temporary fence system. 

When the combination of heightened tensions and an escalating crowd calls for maximum control measures to be put in place, the rapid deployment barrier provides invaluable ground support, on the move.  
 Cochrane Global – World Leaders in Fixed and Mobile Perimeter Barrier Solutions 

At Cochrane Global, we recognize that security is an ever-evolving landscape and invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of current and emerging threats. Our team of high-security experts is constantly working to improve our products and services, ensuring our clients have access to the most effective security solutions on the planet. 

 Contact our Team today through one of our global offices to discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can fortify your perimeter security, protect your key assets, and ensure the safety of your people in a rapidly changing world. 

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