13 September 2023

Anti-Rocket Barriers – An Effective Repellent to Propelled Attacks

Anti-Rocket Barriers – An Effective Repellent to Propelled Attacks  

In a volatile era where security threats continue to evolve and escalate at a moment’s notice, Anti-Rocket Barriers, exclusively manufactured by Cochrane Global, have stood the test of anything propelled towards it as a rock-solid solution for safeguarding critical infrastructure and key national assets. When you need to ensure the continued operation of essential facilities, often worth billions of dollars, and with peace and stability potentially at stake, there is no room for compromise or cutting corners. Our product’s unrivalled perimeter protection against short, mid, and long-range missiles, combined with its advanced design, surprising aesthetic and defense rating, position it as an industry-leading military and defence solution. 

In this article, we will explore the purpose and application of the Anti-Rocket Barrier across various industries and regions and highlight its advantages over traditional concrete wall defense. We also outline how our patented solution has impacted national security strategies globally.  

Which industries can benefit from the erection of Anti-Rocket Barriers?

The patented Anti-Rocket Barrier by Cochrane Global is an essential perimeter barrier to protect critical infrastructure and key assets from potential missile threats from external parties. While there is a perception that these barriers only exist in conflict zones, they prove to be a valuable, long-term investment across a wide range of industries and applications such as: 


  • The Energy Sector
    Protecting generational facilities such as; power plants, oil refineries, and other vital energy infrastructure against potential attacks and acts of sabotage.

  • Government and Military Facilities
    Safeguarding military bases, command centres, and Governmental installations from hostile actions by armed forces.

  • Industrial Complexes
    Enhancing security measures for crucial industrial sites, including chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, mining, and transportation hubs.

  • High-Value Assets
    Shielding strategic facilities, such as data centres, research laboratories, and financial institutions. 


Installing anti-rocket barriers is not limited to specific regions. It is universally invaluable wherever there is a current (or potential future) need for robust, scalable defense systems. It ensures safety and resilience when volatile threats unexpectedly rear their ugly head! 


Precast Concrete Walls versus Cochrane’s Anti-Rocket Barrier 

While towering, precast concrete walls have been a traditional choice for repelling rocket-based attacks, the Anti-Rocket Barrier is a state-of-the-art alternative that has emerged as the critical infrastructure security measure of choice for entities serious about covering their bases.
Here’s why 


  • Advanced Material Composition: Cochrane Global’s Anti-Rocket Barrier is engineered with high-strength, composite materials that provide superior resistance to missile impacts launched from short, mid or long-range distances.
  • Modular and Flexible Design: The modular construction of Anti-Rocket Barriers allows flexible customization and expandability, adaptable to specific site requirements, layouts, and topographical factors. In collaboration with our high-security experts, it can also be integrated into existing physical perimeter barrier systems.  


  • Rapid Deployment and Relocation: Unlike fixed precast walls, the Anti-Rocket Barrier can be quickly installed, dismantled, and relocated to another site, providing a flexible defense strategy to changing security needs.

  • Multi-Layered Defense: The Anti-Rocket Barrier can incorporate multi-layered protection, including integrated sensors and detection systems, reinforcing your site’s security outlook in the face of potential terrorist attacks. 


Whether confronted by short-range rockets, mid-range ballistic missiles, or even long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), the Anti-Rocket Barrier effectively mitigates the risk of damage, ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure and key assets. Recognizing its exceptional capabilities to withstand missile and rocket penetration, our Anti-Rocket Barrier has received the highest defense rating for its effectiveness in protecting infrastructure. This designation further establishes Cochrane Global’s reputation as an ongoing trusted partner in national security efforts, domestically and globally.  



Cochrane Global – Changing the Trajectory in Critical Infrastructure Protection 


Cochrane Global is a renowned provider of innovative security solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products to address diverse security challenges. From our signature product, ClearVu The Invisible Wall, to the Anti-Rocket Barrier and other intelligent perimeter systems, our product portfolio combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched expertise.

Take cruise control in fortifying your critical infrastructure and protecting your key assets before a catastrophic event occurs. Contact our dedicated team in your nearest region today to learn more about Cochrane Global’s solutions and be expertly guided on your security needs.  

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