26 June 2023

Fencing for Bridges – Stay ahead of the Curve with ClearVu  

Fencing for Bridges - Stay ahead of the Curve with ClearVu

Bridges and overpasses are vital to modern infrastructure, providing essential transportation and access both in bustling urban areas and rural roads. Therefore, ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians crossing these impressive structures through durable fencing for bridges is a key responsibility of local Government and transport agencies. The most practical solution to achieving this goal is the installation of robust and secure fencing specifically designed for bridges and overpasses. Much like the Bruce Springsteen song, these installations must be “tougher than the rest”.  

In a recent article, Cochrane Global discussed specific fencing for roads and highways to protect citizens on the ground and in transit. In this related article, we further elevate the topic by exploring the significance of fencing for bridges, its unique characteristics, and its essential, everyday role in protecting lives and property worldwide. We also introduce our leading solution, ClearVu Curve, in creating a high-security fencing solution that is angled, curved and strengthened to your specific project and spatial needs.  

 Why Fencing for Bridges stands above the Rest as a Key Asset 

 Security fencing installed on bridges and overpasses is a critical safety measure, safeguarding motorists, pedestrians and the environment. It creates a physical barrier between the road and the steep drop below, helping to prevent accidental falls or unauthorized access, essentially minimizing the human risks associated with elevated structures. In addition, bridges often span busy roadways, making it essential to prevent objects from being thrown onto vehicles below. Effective bridge fencing should serve as a deterrent to criminals and vandals, significantly reducing the potential for such dangerous activities. 

 Distinct Features of Bridge and Overpass Fencing: 

Fencing installed on bridges differs from conventional security fencing in both installation methods and the impacts it must withstand. Due to the unique design and structural considerations of fencing for bridges, specialized installation techniques must be considered and applied. These ensure that the fencing is securely affixed to the bridge’s superstructure, capable of withstanding vehicular collisions, wind forces, vibration, and other environmental factors.  

 Additionally, bridge fencing must adhere to stringent (jurisdictional) safety regulations to ensure its durability and effectiveness in protecting the bridge and those utilizing it. Finally, they must also be extremely difficult to traverse to prevent unauthorized access, not only by opportunists and criminals but also by wild animals, which can cause havoc on a fast-moving highway above. 

 The Important, Social Role of Preventing Suicide Attempts: 

While they are impressive feats of engineering, bridges are also, often tragically, chosen as locations for suicide attempts. It is an important topic that should not be ignored and something that we at Cochrane Global are acutely aware of in the design and construction of any ClearVu fence for bridges. Mental health and depression are serious issues in every country and community. In the absence of 24-hour manned patrols, secure, elevated fencing has proven to be a powerful preventive measure, to the extent that Governments and organizations worldwide have recognized the importance of installing such fencing to discourage individuals from attempting self-harm.  

These initiatives have shown promising results, reducing the number of suicide attempts and providing valuable time for interventions. As a physical barrier, high-security fencing for bridges can save lives and promote mental health and well-being in communities. With such a key intervention, the true number of lives saved is practically immeasurable! 

 Introducing ClearVu Curve: Up There in a Class of its Own. 

Cochrane Global, the global benchmark of innovative security solutions, offers an exceptional product designed specifically for bridges and overpasses – ClearVu Curve. As the product name illustrates, our patented ClearVu Curve combines aesthetic appeal with unparalleled security. Manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, this world-class fencing solution offers a range of features tailored to meet the challenges of bridge installations.  

Its robust construction, easy installation, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions make it an ideal choice for enhancing safety and security on bridges. Moreover, the high-tensile steel components used in fabricating our Curve solution are practically impenetrable to standard cutting tools while also featuring high-security aperture detailing that makes it extremely difficult to climb. From California to Cape Town, this proudly Cochrane product is a standout feature in many locations, providing impressive aesthetics and uncompromising security.  

Cochrane Global – Securing Infrastructure at Every Level 

If you are considering a bridge or overpass project that prioritizes safety and security while safeguarding the most vulnerable in society, Cochrane Global’s ClearVu Curve is the complete fencing for bridges solution on the market, expertly combining functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.  

Alongside our leading ClearVu range of perimeter solutions, we also develop pioneering security solutions such as, water barriers, anti-rocket barriers, and a range of military and defence barriers 


Contact our team today in your closest office location to discuss your needs and discover how our range of physical perimeter barrier solutions and additions can provide a reliable and effective security solution for your next project. 


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