23 May 2023

Fence Toppings -The Final Nail for Property Intrusion Attempts

Fence Toppings -The Final Nail for Property Intrusion Attempts

Your existing physical perimeter fence is generally your first and strongest line of defence against intruders and potential security breaches. However, installing a towering fence structure along your perimeter zone may be insufficient. This is where additional fence toppings become a valuable property investment to enhance its effectiveness.  
With innovation in fence design comes a change of strategy by criminals and opportunists. It falls on the custodians of properties to ensure that your physical perimeter can nullify changing threats, ensuring that your property remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorised groups or individuals.  
In this article, we outline the motivation for entities to invest in fence toppings to enhance perimeter security while presenting Shark Tooth and Castle Spike as industry-leading security solutions to fortify your fence and deter unwanted guests.  

The Extra Nail in Securing Your Prized Assets 

While standard fencing structures, such as barbed wire or palisade may act as a basic deterrent, they are still unlikely to discourage determined intruders who are willing to cut through it. The installation of  fence toppings adds another layer of protection to your perimeter. Designed to be intimidating, they not only present a physical barrier but also act as an effective psychological deterrence. Potential intruders are far less likely to attempt to breach a fence fitted with imposing spikes on top due to the obvious risk of serious injury. Hence, the unsightly and formidable presence of fence spikes can deter the majority of unwanted guests to tempt fate!  

While fence spikes come at an extra expense, it should be noted that the cost of this additional layer of physical perimeter protection is far less than that of a security breach, both financially and reputationally.  

Introducing Shark Tooth, the world’s most formidable Fence Toppings 

Inspired by the terrifying Jaws of the ocean’s ultimate predator, Shark Tooth is a patented fence spikes concept of Cochrane Global, designed to deter intruders from scaling either side of your property’s border. 

Shark Tooth spikes, as the name suggests, are placed at alternating angles as an effective anti-scaling measure so that an unauthorised person cannot gain any foothold at the top of your perimeter fence. They can be installed on ClearVu fencing perimeter fencing solutions and existing high-security fencing structures. Furthermore, they can also be attached to rolling gates to protect every square foot of your property.  

Arguably the most imposing solution in Cochrane Global’s barrier additions product range, Shark Tooth can often be found integrated into the physical perimeter barriers of; critical infrastructure sites, defence and military bases, and manufacturing facilities.  

Castle Spike – The Attractive yet Equally Secure Spike Option 

In response to our customer’s requests for more attractive fence spikes without sacrificing on superior perimeter protection, Cochrane Global developed the Castle Spike decorative spike option.  

Designed to be unobtrusive and appear less aggressive than sharper-edged fence toppings, Castle Spike enhances your property’s perimeter with a modern, sleek look. However, don’t let its ornamental design deceive you – the product is manufactured from high-toughened steel and attached via anti-vandal bolts to ensure that the spikes cannot be tampered with or extracted from its fittings.  
Featured atop ClearVu fence panels worldwide, Castle Spike has proved to be an effective intrusion deterrence for sites such as; historic landmarks, retail showrooms, highway perimeters and educational institutions. 

Cochrane Global – Collaborating with Partners to Build Security Solutions that Succeed 

 At the Cochrane Global Corporation, our focus on long-term relationships and a commitment to protecting against both current and future threats make us a trusted, ongoing partner for both public and private interests around the world. We collaborate directly with our clients to understand their needs, identify potential threats, and create a comprehensive security plan, from risk advisory to manufacture and fabrication, to deliver real and lasting results. 

 Contact Cochrane Global today to discuss the installation of fence toppings for your new or existing perimeter fencing. Our team, located globally, will work with you to determine the best fence toppings solution for your site needs and budget. 

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