15 June 2023

Coastal Fencing – Fortified with ClearVu Marine Fusion Bond  

Coastal Fencing – Fortified with ClearVu Marine Fusion Bond

The environment and the topography of a perimeter security barrier site play a key role in selecting the right materials and coatings to ensure its durability and effectiveness. Nowhere is this more evident than in the construction and installation of coastal fencing solutions – often hampered by harsh marine environments and extreme weather conditions.

In this article, Cochrane Global draws from its extensive experience in maritime fencing projects, both for commercial and defense agencies, to outline the unique environmental factors that need to be taken into consideration for any coastal fencing project. We also present our Marine Fusion Bond manufacturing process; a solution designed to withstand and counter the challenges of marine-grade fencing to ensure built-in longevity for your perimeter.

What challenges set a Coastal Fencing Installation apart from others?

  1. Saltwater and high humidity

Coastal properties are often subjected to high salinity and humidity, which inevitably causes corrosion and rust on conventional fencing material to develop quickly. Dedicated anti-corrosion coatings and marine-grade materials need to be applied to prevent the degradation (and possible collapse) of any fence that bears the brunt of the ocean.

  1. High Winds

Coastal regions are frequently battered by strong winds and storms. Fencing materials and designs must be designed and erected to withstand high winds, along with the potential impacts of flying debris.

  1. Salt Spray

Salt spray from the constant condensation of the ocean is regularly blown inland and can cause ongoing damage to fencing materials, particularly those constructed from metal and steel components. An anti-corrosive, protective coating must always be applied to prevent degradation over time by high salt deposition.

  1. Coastal Erosion

Many coastal areas, particularly near surf beaches, are susceptible to erosion, often through offshore sand loss and destructive waves, which can undermine the stability of the fence. Any coastal fencing installation must be carried out on a stable foundation designed to resist erosion.

More information on the classification of environmental corrosivity can be found in this quick guide.

What is Marine Fusion Bond, exclusive to Cochrane Global?

While many security perimeter barriers can claim resilience, none can match the performance of Marine Fusion Bond (MFB) all-weather coating. Developed to withstand the elements found in aggressively corrosive C5 environments, Marine Fusion Bond is a patented manufacturing process used by Cochrane Global to increase the durability and strength of ClearVu products, specifically those designed for marine applications.

Our unique approach involves bonding the thermoplastic coating to galvanized steel wire using a unique fusion process that creates a strong and impermeable bond – one that is resistant to extremely high UV exposure and salinity. From Cape Town to California, the patented MFB coating applied to our coastal fencing and water barrier solutions can withstand harsh marine environments and extreme weather conditions while remaining virtually maintenance-free.

We make a splash with Aesthetics and Environmental Friendliness.

Despite its robust composition, all coastal fencing solutions manufactured by Cochrane Global, bearing the gold standard of Marine Fusion bond, are non-toxic, recyclable, and certified A+ Green rated.

Cochrane Global – Protecting your Assets, from Coast to Coast

Whether you require superior physical perimeter security solutions and enhancements in coastal, arid or inland regions, our products have been designed, engineered and manufactured with specific applications, industries and environments at their forefront.

From miltary and defence applications to razor barriers and ClearVu invisible wall structures, every product bearing the Cochrane Global name is underpinned by durability, security and surprising beauty.

Whether you urgently need to address your current or future coastal fencing challenges or looking for a world-class team of security providers to partner with, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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