01 June 2022

ClearVu Fence – Robust Beauty for Residential Developments

ClearVu Fence - Robust Beauty for Residential Developments

 In recent years, we became so accustomed to high walls surrounding residential complexes and estates, that the concept almost became normalized. Formidable concrete slabs that seemed to extend beyond the horizon, designed to conceal and protect its residents from the unpredictable world outside. The ClearVu fence, aptly named “The Invisible Wall” was designed by Cochrane Global to allow this notion of prison-like fortresses to come crashing down.

While perimeter security and privacy remain front of mind in any property investment – more and more property owners value the perception of open surroundings to embrace the natural surroundings of where they reside. Cochrane’s Invisible Wall offers residential developers the opportunity to install a Category III level fencing system which is designed to blend into its natural environment, without compromising on the high level of security that its affluent residents demand.

ClearVu Fence – Responding to Rising Safety and Security Concerns

Privacy and personal security concerns have emerged as the biggest driver of demand for gated estates and communities around South Africa and the wider continent. Buyers want the peace of mind that the area they invest in, provides solid perimeter fencing, and access control, along with 24-hour armed security patrolling their neighborhood.

With new and exclusive developments being more frequently positioned outside the city boundaries, there is a unique opportunity for residential property developers to integrate projects with the surrounding countryside. Replacing an intimidating concrete boundary wall with a ClearVu fence removes the feeling of being closed-in – and is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.

The Property Market Appreciates Sleek Security

Over the last number of years, the property values of homes situated in gated estates have outpaced freestanding residential homes significantly, with the safety factor being central to rising appreciation. As a residential property developer, improving the overall aesthetic of your perimeter enhances the visual appeal of your development.

The ClearVu Invisible Wall creates an unobstructed view of the outside world for your future customers while providing the same level of perimeter protection that secures historic landmarks and embassies around the world. A solid security upgrade, in the form of the transparent ClearVu fence, instantly repays itself through increased starting prices, both for vacant land plots and finished houses.

Cochrane Global – Precision Engineering meets Sleek Aesthetics

As the world’s most advanced physical perimeter security, the ClearVu fence, manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, has transformed the perception of what a residential estate perimeter can be. Defined by its high transparency and flush finish, the ClearVu Invisible Wall, along with a range of optional barrier additions, offers not only robust protection but also visual enhancements for the hottest addresses in town.

To enquire about a customized physical perimeter security solution for your current or future residential developments, contact our team today to request a tailored quote.

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