14 February 2022

ClearVu Fencing – Exploring Price Factors that unlock True Value

ClearVu Fencing – Exploring Price Factors that unlock True Value

At Cochrane Global, we have been manufacturing and supplying our unique ClearVu fencing solutions to clients across the world, for over four decades. From securing the world’s most important sites to the external perimeter protection of commercial and industrial spaces, there is very little in the security design space that our team has not already been acquainted with.

We are well aware that pricing can be the overriding factor that determines your preferred supplier when purchasing high-security perimeter fencing. From the overall length of ClearVu fencing material that our clients require, to fence height and aperture requirements, there are many variables that combine towards the total amount payable on a ClearVu Invisible Wall quote. Other than the most obvious price determinants, here are a number of additional factors to consider, to assess whether the quality matches the price, and why you should not always accept the lowest bidder.

Product Durability

Durable fencing Solutions is what sets innovators and imitators apart. A quality, physical security perimeter barrier should not only stand its ground in protecting a given property but also be able to withstand the various environmental and man-made challenges that it is faced with. In order to adapt to climatic changes, Cochrane Global has developed its unique and patent-protected Marine Fusion Bond to ensure the longevity of ClearVu fencing solutions, in even the harshest environments.

ClearVu Fencing offers unrivalled Adaptability

With increased security threats, combined with property expansion/relocation and enhancement requirements, there are many scenarios that require property owners to adapt their physical perimeter to meet their current needs. Security is a long-term investment between the manufacturer and the client. If your requirements change at a moment’s notice, you need to lean on an effective partnership that can provide expert advice and superior solutions, when you need it most. ClearVu fencing is designed and continuously modified through a rigid process that is adapted to meet your security and aesthetic requirements.

Straight from the Source

When you request a fencing perimeter quote, you may often realize, to your detriment, that you are dealing with third party suppliers or intermediary agents bidding to secure contracts. This can often lead to a delay in procuring raw materials and deploying on-site installation staff. Crucially, it can also lead to

the unnecessary inflation of price quotes, by virtue of the number of channels involved in the transaction. Cochrane Global designs, manufactures and supplies ClearVu fencing and security enhancements completely in-house, with various manufacturing facilities across the globe. This ensures that you, the valued client, are dealing with the same team, from conception to completion, with a designated Project Manager that has a clear overview of each stage of your project. With us, you deal directly with the source of the quality craftsmanship you require.

Cochrane Global – At Cochrane Global, we will never compete through a “lowest-cost” strategy. The amount that we continue to invest into research, innovation, and the world’s finest talent, is a price that we are proud to pay, to ensure that we remain at the global forefront of physical perimeter security. When you partner with us, you are not just purchasing a ClearVu fencing solution – you are protecting your key interests from future threats while forging a multi-generational business relationship that is constantly refined to serve your best interests. Contact our Team today, to request a physical perimeter barrier quote or view the ClearVu Invisible Wall Brochure to learn more about our high-security solutions and enhancements.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” – Warren Buffet


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