ClearVu Reinforced

ClearVu Reinforced

ClearVu Reinforced. High Security Fence

To adapt to changing threats and keeping critical infrastructure secure, while maintaining the highest level of product quality and aesthetic appeal of our high-security fence systems, Cochrane Global has long relied on client feedback. In response to the challenges that our customers face, we have designed and manufactured ClearVu Reinforced, a patented combination of our unique high-density mesh, aligned to an integrated hardened framework tested in accordance with the strictest defence standard practices. The ClearVu Reinforced high-security fence is our toughest perimeter barrier, designed to withstand penetration from hacksaws, reciprocating saws, angle grinders, and other high-powered cutting devices.

Reinforced with Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut Features

The high-density mesh composition of ClearVu Reinforced fence panels consists of apertures that are too narrow for finger grip and foothold. Its climb-resistant properties help to prevent unauthorised access to properties, manufacturing plants, land, and critical infrastructure. The integrated framework of high-security fence posts has been rigorously tested against the aforementioned cutting tools. ClearVu Reinforced is consistently found to be difficult to cut through with blades, saws, and discs, destroying them in the process. In tests against acetylene torch and other heat sources, no significant impact was found on the fence system. ClearVu fence is the only security perimeter barrier worldwide capable of withstanding these aggressive tools.

Enhance your Barrier with Fence Toppings

A variety of fence toppings, manufactured by Cochrane Global, are available to enhance security and prevent scaling of the ClearVu Reinforced fence, providing maximum security to your critical assets.

These include;
Castle Spikes – an ornamental topping option that doubles as an effective intrusion deterrent.
Shark Tooth Spikes – manufactured from razor-sharp, high-tensile steel, and placed at alternating angles along the top of fence lines to prevent scaling from both sides of the boundary.

For further information on the formidable ClearVu Reinforced high-security fence, or to request a custom quote, please contact our Sales team below.

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