ClearVu Shadow Wall

ClearVu Shadow Wall

Part of the ClearVu Invisible Wall family of high-security physical perimeter barriers, the Shadow Wall is the world’s first, completely invisible and post-free fence. Developed in response to architectural feedback on the need for a ClearVu fence without any visible posts, it represents a significant advancement in fence design where high security is embedded into an aesthetically pleasing product to showcase key infrastructure, retail showrooms, and buildings of national importance. As is customary with the ClearVu Invisible Wall product range, the Shadow Wall is built to deter intrusion while offering maximum visual exposure to the outside world. The fence is manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, with a strong footprint across the globe and has become the security perimeter barrier of choice for company headquarters, luxury car showrooms, health facilities, and many other applications, across six continents.

Key Features of the Shadow Wall

Considered the world’s most advanced fence
Defence rated 4 type fence, for maximum perimeter protection.
Made from galvanized steel, rendering it extremely difficult to cut
A 25 Year Life Guarantee is provided in normal environmental conditions. Shadow Wall panels can be also fitted with an additional coating to resist corrosion and adapt to harsher climates.
Post-free design and finger-proof wire spacing make it practically impossible to climb.
High Transparency allows the Shadow Wall to blend into any environment.

Additional Integrations

The ClearVu Shadow Wall, as a standalone security perimeter, provides a solid platform to deter intrusion. It can also be integrated with a number of barrier additions and fence toppings to provide additional layers of protection to render your property impenetrable.

These include;
– Fence Toppings such as the Cochrane Smart Coil or Electric Smart Coil
– Spike Toppings, with the visually appealing range of Shark Tooth, Castle Spike, or Spear Spike options, which follow the contours of your wall to form an additional line of defence.

Governments, multinational corporations and commercial entities trust Cochrane Global to provide the highest degree of physical perimeter security for over three decades. Contact our Team Today to enquire about the installation of the ClearVu Shadow Wall to protect your interests.

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