ClearVu Shutter Barrier

ClearVu Shutter Barrier

While many security specialists recommend the installation of high-transparency steel fence panels for effective perimeter protection, often a facility or industrial space may wish to conceal its activities for certain periods. The ClearVu Shutter Barrier, part of the Cochrane Global High Security range, is a category IV type perimeter fence, which provides controlled visibility with the superior security enhancements required for critical infrastructure protection. Clear Vu Shutter steel fence panels have become the benchmark for critical assets such as energy production facilities, seaports, petrochemical producing facilities and government sites, where controlled visibility and ballistic shielding is required.

Solid Shutters. Adaptable and Removable.

Built and customised to your specific perimeter requirements, the ClearVu Shutter Barriers are welded from the finest grade steel at our manufacturing plants in South Africa, USA and the UK. The security barrier comprises solid shutters that can be installed or removed when required. For activities of global economic significance that require frequent or sudden relocation, the Shutter Barrier offers a cost-effective concealed perimeter which is light, durable, removable, with the added advantage of being easily installed and stored. The solid steel fence panels of the Shutter Barrier bear a stark contrast to the architecturally-inspired Clear-Vu Invisible Wall, but built using the same technology and precision equipment to produce Defence
rated 4 type fences to virtually eliminate intruder and ballistic threats.

For added protection, any ClearVu Shutter Barrier can be reinforced with a variety of spike toppings from our product range of barrier additions. By calling on the expertise of our Design, Engineering and Program Management teams, Cochrane Global can guide you through the complete process, from manufacturing and installation, to ongoing post-project support. Partner today with the company who combines cutting-edge engineering with technological advancement to solidify your “Extreme Protection Factor”.

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