21 September 2021

ClearVu The Invisible Wall – the Finest Fence You’ve Never Seen

ClearVu The Invisible Wall – the Finest Fence You’ve Never Seen

When visualizing and installing physical perimeter barriers, property owners and developers generally elevate “maximum security detail”, as the main priority in securing their buildings and assets. Aesthetic and design are often relegated to afterthoughts. Despite so much thought, time, and investment being made into beautiful buildings and infrastructure layouts, finished designs were often lost in a blur of concealed fencing and barbed wire toppings. At Cochrane Global, we have always strived to challenge the norm in perimeter barrier design. In finding the perfect balance between aesthetic appearance and unparalleled security, the concept of ClearVu the Invisible Wall was born. The creation of a superior quality solution that visually enhances, rather than masks, the property it protects. ClearVu Fencing transforms the perception of what a prospective layer of fencing can be – where optimum security and pure aesthetics can stand together, post to post.

ClearVu The Invisible Wall in Retail Retrospect

It isn’t surprising that some of the most prestigious brands around the world are both protected and visually enhanced by ClearVu’s distinctive, transparent panels. Retail and luxury goods companies are faced with the challenge of securing their assets, while simultaneously maximizing brand exposure to passing traffic. Retail complexes and showrooms are refined by the wider fencing panels and concealed fixtures of ClearVu solutions. This creates greater visibility of the property while still maintaining an array of security enhancements and deterrence features. It creates the appearance of the finest fence the customer or staff have never seen.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure, in Crisp Detail

The application of the ClearVu The Invisible wall portfolio of physical perimeter security barriers is not just limited to retail and residential developments. Cochrane Global’s patent-protected fencing solution finds equal harmony in protecting the world’s most important sites, and key Governmental headquarters, from unauthorized intrusion. Critical Infrastructure can be secured without the eyesore of a high, concealed fence, while benefitting from the ingenious modularity of ClearVu systems. This allows the security of key assets to be progressively upgraded at a moment’s notice, should a changing needs demand further defence measures.

ClearVu – A Statement in Innovation, Quality and Aesthetic

“The Invisible Wall” range of physical perimeter security barriers is Cochrane Global’s commitment to protecting its clients’ key assets through architecturally-inspired products. Our Design and Engineering team prides itself in giving your property and security detail equal attention, to create solutions that match precision engineering with sleek aesthetics. As one of the world’s most trusted and valued perimeter barrier manufacturers, we have been at the forefront of research, development and innovation for over three decades.

Discover why many of the world’s Government, military, Transport, Petrochemical, Law enforcement and retail companies rely on Cochrane Global to protect their assets, by viewing the latest ClearVu The invisible Wall brochure today and submitting an enquiry at your nearest Global office.

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