Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is classified as services, facilities and key points that remain vital to the ongoing operations and stability of any nation or society. While measures to protect key infrastructure differs across the globe, any strategy used to minimise man-made risks to assets should include state-of-the-art physical perimeter security defence systems in place, thus avoiding major disruptions. On top of this, the threat of major infrastructure failure has the potential to wreak havoc on a country’s economy.

ClearVu Critical Infrastructure by Cochrane Global

With over 30 years of experience in the effective protection of key national infrastructure, Cochrane Global continues to secure and protect the world’s most valuable facilities through a combination of all Cochrane barrier defence mechanisms. With the highest-ever recorded Forced Intrusion Testing result, ClearVu Critical Infrastructure has been designed and tested to keep the world’s most important facilities secure. Each project we undertake has different needs and threat levels, thus our design and engineering team play a key role in the conception and planning of all site perimeter protection. Cochrane Global remains committed to each project through post-project assistance, a standard bearer for every client and entity we partner with.

Industries we continue to safeguard include;
– Energy and Hydro Production Facilities
– Petrochemical Facilities
– Telecommunications
– Government Buildings
– Military Defence Bases
– Banking and Financial Headquarters

Critically Compliant

At Cochrane Global, our team regularly monitors the Critical Infrastructure Protection Acts of the countries in which we operate, to ramp up protection measures for our clients, while ensuring compliance in everything we do. Meanwhile, our world-class products speak for themselves, effectively eliminating any potential trespassing, interference and sabotage to critical infrastructure across the world. You can depend on the organisation that has secured numerous national key points in over 140 countries across all continents.

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