Electric Smart Coil

ClearVu Electric Smart Coil

Electric Fencing. The Cochrane Electric Smart Coil Fence Topping

Designed as a covert detection system to be elevated on existing ClearVu security barriers, the Electric Smart Coil barrier addition creates an electric fencing solution to protect key infrastructure, residential and commercial properties from unauthorised intrusion. It bears all the unique features of the Cochrane Smart Coil barbed wire fence design, but combined with the additional, ‘active’ deterrent of an energiser delivering up to 7000 volts of electrical current. In choosing the Electric Smart Coil, a physical barrier, detection and electric repulse unit can be seamlessly and cost-effectively combined to form a complete alarm system. Blended with the outer surface of Cochrane Ripper Blade© razor wire, it renders access to your property virtually impossible to anyone on the outside.

Electric Smart Coil Features

– Pre-Intrusion Detection
– Detects any attempt to cut of scale or cut the perimeter topping
– Manufactured from Cochrane Ripper Blade
– Our Energisers comply with all legislation and governing bodies of the regions in which we operate.

Why should I choose the Electric Smart Coil system?

Many electric fencing manufacturers focus on delivering substantial currents, at the sacrifice of quality materials. Through decades of cutting-edge engineering, Cochrane Global adopts a “ground-up” approach, to effectively deter would-be intruders. We design and develop our perimeters from high-density, high-tensile mesh, which can withstand extreme force, and is extremely difficult to cut or climb. In truth, it is highly unlikely an intruder will reach within the grasp of the electric smart coil system. Upon physical impact with the coil of barbed tape concertina, the Electric Smart Coil delivers a non-lethal shock to stop trespassers in their tracks. The open architecture of our design allows the electric smart coil to be seamlessly integrated into your existing security apparatus. With additional capabilities, such as solar energy and frequency wave alarm system installations, the electric smart coil combines the psychological deterrence of electric fencing with unrivalled material quality.

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