22 June 2021

High Security Fencing – Protecting your Business’ Key interests

High Security Fencing – Protecting your Business’ Key interests

The installation of high security fencing plays a critical role in protecting your commercial, industrial, or private interests. Amidst a growing number of external threats, more and more business entities continue to make strategic investments in perimeter security barriers to ensure that operations can be maintained without unwanted distractions. At the same time, the installation of high security fencing protects your workforce and other key personnel from unauthorized entry. While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented number of external challenges beyond our control, governments, enterprises and private individuals still have full authority over the level of security detail that they require. In this article, we explore various high security fencing options, offered by Cochrane Global, which are designed and adapted to meet individual and unique security requirements.

1. High Security Fencing which blends into its Environment

While the primary objective of fencing structures, is to secure critical infrastructure, protect valuable inventory, and deter unauthorized entry, meeting these requirements while still being able to showcase buildings and products required a modern solution that integrates both security detail and architectural design. In response to this challenge, Cochrane Global has created the ClearVu Invisible wall, the world’s first design inspired high security fencing barrier. Effectively blending into its surroundings, it provides a superior level of perimeter barrier protection, while simultaneously showcasing buildings, showrooms and modern design structures.

2. Concealing Critical Infrastructure

When certain government or private manufacturing operations require a greater level of concealment, a more advanced high security fencing solution is required. This can apply, in particular, to energy and chemical refineries, seaports, and government facilities where tighten restrictions must be maintained. The ClearVu Shutter Barrier offers the protection of solid steel fence panels which can be erected to conceal activities. While these are lightweight and easy to install or relocate, they are manufactured from Defense rated 4 type materials, ensuring maximum protection from outside penetration.

3. Deploying Temporary High Security Fencing, when needed

While much of the discussion around high-security perimeter barriers focuses on permanent installations, there is a growing need for temporary fencing solutions that can be deployed, as and when required. Frequent incidents of public unrest and protests require a structural barrier that can be deployed in a matter of seconds across large distances. The rapid deployment barrier, designed and manufactured by Cochrane Global, allows Governments, police services and commercial entities to utilize a fully transportable, fencing barrier which can deploy up to 300 meters of high security fencing, within 15 seconds. It provides an immediate layer of extra protection that can be adapted to your precise area of unrest or exposure.

Cochrane Global – Elevating the Benchmark in High Security Fencing

With a presence across six continents, and a reputation for erecting the future of physical perimeter security protection, Cochrane Global have been at the forefront of the industry for over three decades. We set the standards that others follow, providing high security fencing, vehicle, anti-rocket and marine barriers that protect against the most aggressive attacks, while providing our clients with solutions that are military and defence rated. We are strategically located in offices across the world, and have established key, ongoing partnerships with Governments, defence partners and global corporations. If you have a specific project or development that required the most advanced physical perimeter protection, contact our sales team today to request a tailored quote

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