Marine Floating Barrier

Maritime Security – Marine Floating Barrier by Cochrane

Given the enormous increase in the movement of people and goods across the globe, and its associated threat to national security, protecting waterways and coastal infrastructure has become a critical concern for Governments and Defense Agencies alike.
Not only are conventional solutions prohibitively challenging to implement – due to both the environment and necessary scale of such undertakings – they also come with a host of risks to key personnel and those attempting to breach these boundaries.

Our Solution

Designed and engineered exclusively by Cochrane Global, the patented Floating Barrier is comprised of multiple, interconnected buoys which can be extended to any length and customized according to their application.

While Spike Buoys are highly effective at repelling waterborne craft, Smooth Buoys are the ideal countermeasure against human intrusion – deterring people from attempting a crossing that would ordinarily prove to be perilous and, in many cases, fatal.

Designed in consultation with Oil and Gas Multinationals, Seaports, Naval Bases and Border Protection agencies, the Floating Barrier is the world’s only rough-water, high-security physical perimeter that is equally “at home” in calm water. Yet its innovative design makes it significantly safer for both humans and wildlife. In many ways, the Barrier encapsulates a simple philosophy which Cochrane holds to, worldwide: deterrence saves lives.

Secure your Coastal Assets

For the effective deterrence of intruders and detection of breach of security, put in place the world’s most advanced maritime security barrier, the Marine Floating Barrier, exclusively manufactured by Cochrane Global. Contact us today to discuss your protection requirements.

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