Marine Floating Barrier

Maritime Security – Marine Floating Barrier by Cochrane

Maritime security continues to fall under the spotlight as the increased movement of people and goods poses new threats to national security, key infrastructure and human settlements. Protecting coastal-based assets through sea-patrols is not only a costly exercise, but also comes with a host of risks to your personnel, both from the natural environment and insurgency attacks.

Our Solution

In response to the maritime security challenges that hamper many organizations, Cochrane Global has designed and the developed the Marine Floating Barrier, Comprised of multiple floating buoys that are interconnected, allowing for free 360 rotation, each barrier solution can be extended to any length to counter any threat and fit within your perimeter requirements. Designed in consultation with seaports and military bases, the marine floating barrier has been developed as the world’s only rough-water, high security barrier, and the perimeter of choice for coastal interests across the world. By avoiding the use of nets and utilizing barriers that float on the surface of water, the threat of entanglement to marine wildlife is also minimized.

Secure your Coastal Assets

For the effective deterrence of intruders and detection of breach of security, put in place the world’s most advanced maritime security barrier, the Marine Floating Barrier, exclusively manufactured by Cochrane Global. Contact us today to discuss your protection requirements.

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