Razor Mesh

Welded Ripper Razor Mesh has been designed as a high-security protective mesh suitable for most fencing needs, including for commercial, industrial and government facilities. The high-tensile reinforced band that constitutes the mesh is virtually impossible to cut and the sharper, longer blades make the fence almost impossible to climb.
The diamond mesh pattern, combined with these vertical opposing blades, constitutes an effective entrapment device whilst still maintaining a neat, attractive appearance. Ripper Razor Mesh is the protective barrier of choice for airports, military bases, water reservoirs, warehouses, electrical sub-stations, border fences, oil depots and factories throughout the world.

• Virtually impossible to climb
• 2.5mm diameter high-tensile (1500mmPA) galvanised core wire
• High tensile core wire is very difficult to cut with standard tools
• The diamond pattern, combined with vertical opposing barbs, acts as an entrapment system
• Maintains a neat appearance
• Simple to install
• No secondary use for mesh (less prone to theft)
• Ripper Blade profile has sharper longer blades than standard
• Available in standard density or high-density mesh
• Array of toppings available
• Concrete base option available
• Marine Fusion Bond available – higher durability in more corrosive environments

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