04 May 2022

Risk Advisory for Perimeter Security – Understanding its Importance

Before a single shovel hits the earth, or any machinery is transported to an installation site, it is absolutely critical that the process of risk advisory for perimeter security is undertaken. Simply put, what is required in a retail environment compared to the perimeter barriers and additions needed to protect critical infrastructure requires vastly different security and risk elements to be considered.

No two projects are ever the same, with unique variables and vulnerabilities applicable to different environments. The socio-political climate of countries and regions will also play an important role in the level of physical perimeter security required to protect your people and assets. There is no one size fits all, or an off-the-factory-floor solution to meet a client or industry’s general needs.

Take the Risk to build the Extraordinary

At Cochrane Global, we believe in accurately assessing your environment to advise on solutions that meet your current needs while mitigating against any potential future threats before a single stone is unturned. Because ‘prevention is better than cure” – and when your people and assets rely on our expertise, there is no room for compromise. For this reason, risk advisory for perimeter security, conducted by our highly experienced team of experts has become the stepping scope upon which all of our successful projects are designed and deployed.

Risk Management versus Risk Advisory for Perimeter Security – What’s the Difference?

While the two disciplines are used interchangeably, the main difference lies in the scope of assessment involved. Risk management is the overarching umbrella under which risk advisory falls into a key sub-category. Risk advisory for perimeter security focuses on identifying and evaluating associated risks to your property, and providing intelligence and recommendations on what solution is required to protect key assets. In effect, we visualize any threats to your operational or decision-making capabilities that are unique to your environment, to ensure that superior perimeter protection is erected to withstand any threat of disruption or sabotage.

Cochrane Global – Eliminating Risk from Offset

Is risk advisory for perimeter security projects really worth the investment? At Cochrane Global, we maintain that each client partnership necessitates a multifaceted approach, not just of designers and

engineers, both also leaning into the strengths and expertise of project managers, compliance specialists and security consultants.

Complex problems often require more than one solution – our risk advisory team is a pivotal structure that mitigates your current risks, from the offset, while also protecting your critical assets from future threats.

Visit our Brochure today to view our wide range of industry-leading security solutions or contact us to enquire about Risk advisory services for your current or future perimeter security outlay.

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