14 July 2021

Boundary Fencing | Securing Vacant Land and Property for Future Opportunities

Boundary Fencing | Securing Vacant Land and Properties for Future Opportunities

For business and property owners across the world, the security of any vacant property remains a major ongoing concern, particularly as the volume of vacant commercial premises continue to grow. In the absence of security personnel, or remote monitoring, land owners should consider a strong, boundary fencing solution to protect their property interests, while future development plans take hold. From illegal land occupation, to theft, arson and general destruction of property, more and more site owners are now investing in boundary fencing as a physical perimeter security option as a cost affordable option. Not only does it protect their key interests from the above-mentioned risks, it also safeguards them from future damage repair bills and legal action, which can be a time-consuming and a overwhelmingly frustrating process.

Deterring Trespassers and Squatters through Solid Boundary Fencing.

The illegal occupation of private land and commercial premises continues to be an ever-present threat. Squatters tend to have quite an intricate knowledge of commercial and property law, to the extent where the process to have such individuals lawfully removed from your premises, through the courts process can be lengthy and incredibly expensive. The ClearVu Invisible Wall, manufactured worldwide, by Cochrane Global, serves both as a temporary and permanent solution to your boundary fencing requirements, by fortifying your vacant property with a Category III type fencing system, while enhancing your future developments with an aesthetic appearance which can be maintained throughout your property’s life cycle.

Protecting your Property from Malicious Damage and Theft

Vacant or unoccupied properties remain a prime target for opportunistic criminals and vandals. Vacant factories, warehouses and industrial plants, usually located in more remote areas, are identified as being at the highest risk. Not only are they more difficult to monitor, but their significant power demands and presence of heavy-duty cabling makes them a target for unauthorized intruders and crime gangs seeking to cash in on scrap metal. For property owners that need to protect significant infrastructure for future use, ClearVu Reinforced, Cochrane’s most advanced and arguably the toughest perimeter barrier on the

market today, creates a boundary fencing perimeter that will withstand even the most aggressive tools used by brazen criminals and opportunists. The days of wooden hoardings being erected to deter unwanted intruders no longer suffice – highly specialized perimeter fencing, which can be re-purposed as permanent solutions, are now the most effective visual and physical deterrent to intruders and vandals.

Cochrane Global – Preserving Vacant Facilities for Future Prosperity

Whether you have a commercial or residential property sitting vacant, or awaiting a zoning or re-zoning application to commence significant development, Cochrane Global is your trusted physical perimeter security partner for a wide range of barrier defense mechanisms. Our Design, Project Management and Risk advisory team can assess your current and future security requirements, allowing you to procure the most advanced boundary fencing solutions to protect your vacant property.

Contact your closest Cochrane Global office today to request a quote or assistance on your next boundary fencing installation.

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