05 July 2021

Electric Fencing | Active Protection for Deterrence and Detection

Electric Fencing | Active Protection for Deterrence and Detection

Electric fencing, as a physical barrier system, has been in existence for decades, having traditionally been deployed in agricultural environments to keep livestock within a restricted grazing zone. However, with the rise in unauthorized access, or burglaries, of homes and businesses, electric fencing has become a widely used solution to provide a strong deterrent against would-be intruders. While much of the high security focus in recent times centers on smart-controlled and wireless solutions for perimeter protection, an electric security fencing system still provides a sophisticated barrier for a wide range of needs. It can be adapted to a broad spectrum of applications and existing security features to render your premises, facilities, or residence virtually impossible to access from the outside.

A Psychological and Physical Deterrent

One of the primary advantages of an electric fencing system surrounding your perimeter, is the two-fold deterrent that it offers. The wiring and occasional snap of an electric fence acts as a psychological deterrent against potential intruders, that any attempted intrusion will result in painful consequences. Faced with this outcome, most people will be wary of touching or even approaching a perimeter that is protected by electric fencing, and are far less likely to attempt to scale or penetrate your facilities. On a physical and structural level, should a trespasser be brave enough to try and gain access, they will be quickly stopped in their tracks by a non-lethal shock emitted by the fence’s energizer.

Back Up Energy Solutions in the Event of Power Grid Failure

Whether through scheduled power outages, or sudden disconnection from the power grid, the need for a stable and reliable power source remains a primary concern, when investing in electric fencing solutions. Advanced Solutions, such as the Electric Smart Coil, offer the added capabilities of solar energy, or UPS power integration, to ensure that your electric fence can continue to fortify your perimeter, even when the lights go out. A business, facility, or home is most vulnerable, in the event of a power outage. Ensure that you connect your fencing system to alternative energy sources, to ensure that your perimeter is fully protected.

Electric Smart Coil – The most Advanced Electric Fencing Solution on the Market

Installing an electric fence security system that can deter even the most brazen of intrusion attempts, is worthless without incorporating the finest quality materials in its construction. Developed and manufactured by Cochrane Global, the Electric Smart Coil incorporates high-density, high-tensile barbed wire mesh, connected to an active energizer, which delivers up to 7,000 volts of electricity. While it is most effective when erected to an existing ClearVu Invisible Wall perimeter security barrier, it can also be integrated into your current perimeter security system. Fortified with Cochrane’s patented “Ripper Blade” concertina coil, and featuring a unique convert detection and repulse system, the Electric Smart Coil is the essential top layer of physical perimeter security that you can rely on, to protect your assets and infrastructure.

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