13 October 2021

Invisible Wall or Concealed Fencing – When Visibility Matters

Invisible Wall or Concealed Fencing – When Visibility Matters

Many discussions, prior to the installation of physical perimeter barriers will center on whether a customer prefers an invisible wall effect, to showcase a property, or favors a fencing solution that conceals the activities taking place inside. While the primary purpose of high security fencing is to secure property and assets, other elements such as aesthetics, operations, privacy, and threat levels, can become deciding factors on which fencing product is best suited to a client’s specific needs. In this article, we carefully outline a number of points which can guide your decision between; fencing with an unobstructed and transparent appearance, or a more heavyweight option that conceals sights and sounds.

An Invisible Wall that protects, while promoting your Building’s Aesthetic

The primary advantage of installing an invisible wall with an unrestricted view, is that it offers a two-way visibility of your property, while still maintaining a high level of security. This can be particularly important to retail showrooms, or buildings of historical significance, who wish to showcase their most prized assets, while incorporating an aesthetic into their perimeter exterior. The ClearVu Invisible Wall, a market-leading solution, developed by Cochrane Global, allows customers to enhance the appearance of any property or facility, with the reinforcement of a Category III type fencing system. Critical infrastructure and assets are fully protected from the inside, while full visibility is also afforded to the general public. ClearVu Invisible Wall is not only the fencing perimeter of choice for private and commercial interests, but also securely protects significant sites such as, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and numerous embassies throughout the globe.

Maintain Privacy and Security through Concealed Fencing

If ‘controlled visibility’ is the main motivating factor for installing high security fencing around your perimeter, we strongly recommend a solid structure, to conceal your activities from outside interference. In contrast to the unobstructed view of the CV Invisible wall, the Shutter Barrier is a maximum security, solid fencing solution, that sits on the opposite spectrum of the Cochrane Global ClearVu product range. By completely eliminating transparency from the outside, the Shutter Barrier allows facilities to completely conceal its activities from the outside and maintain privacy, through the erection of Defense rated 4 type solid shutters. This provides the most advanced form of critical infrastructure protection, with the added advantage of ballistic shielding to prevent aggressive attack and sabotage.

The Shutter Barrier is the strongest line of perimeter barrier defense available on the market for facilities such as, energy production plants, defense bases, mineral resource extraction and industrial facilities of national significance.

For more information and expert advice on planning and designing your physical security perimeter infrastructure to exact specifications, visit our Articles page for the latest news and developments in this rapidly-evolving industry.

Whether you opt for the aesthetics of an invisible wall or prefer the privacy of concealed fencing, contact the Cochrane Global team today to request a tailored quote on your next perimeter barrier installation

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