11 November 2021

Razor Mesh – Three Reasons to Invest in Sharper Perimeter Protection

Razor Mesh – Three Reasons to Invest in Sharper Perimeter Protection

With attempted intrusions of industrial, commercial and government facilities on the rise, there is an increased need for protective razor mesh to create an extra deterrence for opportunists. In comparison to barbed wire, razor mesh is intricately manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency and strength. When protecting high net worth assets and critical infrastructure, maximum perimeter protection must never be sacrificed at the expense of low-cost materials. In this article, we outline the top three reasons why your business should invest in a razor mesh protective barrier, reinforcing your property from the outside and keeping unwanted visitors at bay.

1. Acts as a Psychological Deterrent to Intruders

Upon first glance, there is no doubt that a razor mesh fence presents a serious challenge to anyone thinking about gaining passage into your property. The term “razor” is not understated in the construction and design of these fencing solutions. It boasts a formidable appearance and creates an immediate psychological deterrence in the minds of would-be intruders. Any attempts to try and scale this fence can potentially incur serious physical injury and can prevent the majority of attacks before they ever materialize.

2 Our Razor Mesh maintains a neat Appearance

Razor wire does not need to be an eyesore to any property’s aesthetic, in order to secure its perimeter. The Welded Ripper Razor Mesh solution, manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, has been designed and engineered, not only to protect your assets, but also provide a neat and attractive appearance to any facility. Characterized by its diamond mesh, and juxtaposed with vertical opposing blades, Welded Ripper Razor Mesh makes a bold design statement, while integrating an elaborate entrapment system to deter even the most brazen of opportunists.

3. Vagrants and Vandals are no Match against our Mesh

The preservation of vacant land and property remains a burning issue in many urban areas around the world. Maintaining a physical presence through security companies and patrols can be an expensive operation to maintain, with no guarantee that your entire property is secured at all times. Razor Mesh offer the most cost-effective solution for either the short-, or long-term protection of your vacant property. The galvanized, high-tensile steel used in the manufacturing of Welded Ripper creates a barrier that is almost impenetrable to standard cutting tools. Likewise, the signature diamond pattern, combined with the sharper, longer blades of the Ripper Blade solution, renders your protective mesh practically impossible to scale and climb over.

Welded Ripper Razor Mesh by Cochrane Global

Simple to install, yet providing highly sophisticated perimeter protection, Cochrane Global’s patented Welded Ripper Razor mesh solution has become the barrier of choice for transport, military, border patrol and power production facilities around the world. Contact our sales team in your region to enquire about a customized protective mesh solution, adapted to your environment, with a style factor that is only surpassed by its security guarantee.

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