Smart Coil

Smart Coil

Designed and developed to act as a physical deterrent, the “Smart Coil”
fence is a revolutionary “twist” on the classic barbed wire fence solution, and exclusively manufactured by Cochrane Global. Surrounded by our patented Ripper Blade©, the Smart coil fence can be seamlessly mounted on a range of Cochrane Global products, including the ClearVu Invisible Wall, and ClearVu Reinforced high security fencing perimeters.

The Smart Coil barbed wire fence solution acts as the ideal barrier addition to ensure that anti-scale toppings can be integrated to the posts of your existing security fences and gates,thus providing an impenetrable exterior to architectural buildings, key infrastructure, and government and private headquarters.

The Game Changer in Barbed Wire Fence Protection

The typical barbed wire fence solution has evolved drastically from its original conception manufactured from gold, and later, wrought iron. Through decades of innovation and materials processing, together with rigid testing in a diverse range of environments, Cochrane’s ultra-modern Smart Coil barrier addition is composed of 730mm high Ripper Blade smart Concertina Coil, produced from the finest galvanized steel available on the market.

Integrated Repulse System to detect Human Interference

The key elements of the Smart Coil fence topping include its intricate ripper-blade outer-layer, which acts as a physical deterrent and an impossible barrier for trespassers to navigate through. In addition, the Smart coil includes a unique covert detection and repulse system which has been specifically designed to provide intrusion alert to our clients. It has a solid track record of effective protection for clients worldwide, who demand the highest quality materials to protect their high-risk assets. Cochrane Global also offers the Electrical Smart Coil, an enhancement of this product, which is powered by an energiser that delivers anelectric current of up to 7000 volts.Looking for a low maintenance and cost-effective fence topping solution that upgrades your key asset into an unscalable fortress? Contact Cochrane Global today to request acustomised quote that meets your physical and security requirements.

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