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ClearVu Spike Rack

Wall Spikes – The ClearVu Spike Rack by Cochrane Global

The ClearVu Spike Rack is an innovative system of wall spikes designed using the latest anti-scale technology. Incorporating Cochrane Global’s array of patented spike toppings, placed at alternating angles, the spikes are integrated into the security panel itself, effectively preventing intruders from climbing or scaling the perimeter fence through the use of grappling hooks.

Spike Toppings – Unrivalled in Defence and Design

Cochrane have developed and manufactured a sophisticated range of wall spike toppings available atop each ClearVu Spike Rack, which are widely used in the protection of embassies, public buildings, industrial zones and commercial establishments across the world.

Available Spike Rack Topping Options

Castle Spike – an ornamental topping option that doubles as an effective intrusion deterrent, which integrates seamlessly atop any ClearVu panel. Its neat appearance and easy installation make this an attractive fence topping option
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Shark Tooth – Manufactured from razor-sharp, high-tensile steel, and placed at alternating angles along the top of fence lines. Boasting a formidable appearance inspired by the jaws of the Great White shark, native to both South African and US shores, it prevents scaling from both sides of the boundary.
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Spear Spike – Comprised of 100mm high, toughened steel, affixed to panel edges, spear wall spikes combine to form an impenetrable spike rack, guaranteed to deter even the most brazen of intrusion attempts.

Strike Back with the ClearVu Spike Rack

All Cochrane Spike Rack is available with a choice of optional coating to adapt to your environment, ensuring longer-lasting durability and effectiveness. ClearVu Spike Rack have proved to be the effective choice of intrusion deterrent across the world for over two decades. As a static, anti-climb system, our products are low cost, easy to install and finished with an attractive appearance.

Cochrane Global offers a wide range of professional construction and engineering services, including the custom manufacturing and installation of the Spike Rack. Our spike toppings solution can either be installed on a ClearVu perimeter security barrier or attached to your existing fencing structure. Our professional team also provides on-site repair services, ensuring that any breach of your perimeter security is minimised. Much like our products, we believe there is no space or gap for anything less than exceptional client safety and satisfaction.

Contact our Sales team today, who identify the ideal spike rack system to match your security requirements.

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