05 August 2021

Temporary Fencing – Rapid Deployment when Needed Most

Temporary Fencing – Rapid Deployment when Needed Most

While temporary fencing has traditionally been erected to protect sites from unauthorized intrusion, the changing and sudden nature of threats require a solution that can be rapidly deployed and transportable. The dangerous combination of escalating crowds, and tensions, can have a catastrophic and potentially lethal effect. Government and private entities have a mandate to ensure that effective control measures are put in place, not only both to protect their property and assets, but also to minimize the risk of injury, should any situation quickly spiral out of control.

Having observed a unique opportunity in the market, Cochrane Global has designed and manufactured the Rapid Deployment Barrier, a high security temporary fencing solution, which is easy to configure, transport and deploy, yet provides an incredibly robust line of emergency barrier protection. The barrier can be customized with either our patented Ripper Blade© or passive blades, to repel potential thieves, vandals or violent protestors. This innovative solution has proven to be extremely effective in safeguarding governmental, industrial and private facilities – affording our customers an additional, mobile layer of physical perimeter barrier protection, to deescalate volatile threats.

The Benefits of a Rapid Deployment Temporary Fencing Barrier

In the absence of permanent fencing installations, potential intruders are quick to capitalize on any weak points in your perimeter architecture. The key feature of the Rapid Deployment Barrier, is its containment in a single carrier unit, which can be transported directly into the path of any potential hotspots. The barrier system connects onto the appropriate defense or company vehicle, and capable of deploying a length of between 250 and 1000 feet of razor wire coil in just a few seconds. Other key benefits of the Rapid Deployment Barrier system include;

– The system is compressed into modules, allowing quick release and rewinding.

– Customizable with a number of razor and barbed wire material options

– High-quality, durable materials allow clients to operate the system in hazardous conditions.

– No foundations or pinning is required, for effective operation. A completely mobile solution.

In addition to the functional and operational benefits of a rapidly deployable temporary fencing system, such protection measures can also help to significantly reduce the security and policing costs of patrolling the equivalent area with physical personnel.

Highly Effective Applications for Mobile, Temporary Fencing

– Protection of Petrochemical and Nuclear Facilities from Unauthorized Intrusion

– Crowd Control at high-density public events

– Protest Action at Governmental, Historical and Defense Buildings

– Temporary Structures during the Construction of Perimeter Security Barriers

– Restricting Vehicular and Public Access to VIP events and engagements.

Rapid Deployment Barrier – Superior Protection, at a Moment’s Notice

Providing immediate protection for key projects, and empowering military and police personnel with a wider scope to secure critical infrastructure, the Rapid Deployment Barrier, manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, provides ‘on the ground’ structural support to organizations around the world. Our solutions allow client to defuse any situation before they gain momentum. The barrier is completely customizable, and can be tailored to meet the exact spatial and material requirements of the client.

Contact a Cochrane Global office near you today to request a tailored quote on a rapidly deployable, temporary fencing barrier to protect you’re your key interests

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