04 March 2022

Critical Infrastructure Security – Safeguarding your Nation’s Future

Critical Infrastructure security generally falls into two categories; the physical security of assets and systems, and stringent cybersecurity efforts to prevent cyber-attacks on Governments and key entities. While the modus operandi of threats differs between physical security and cybersecurity attacks, the common denominator between both, is that both these assets, physical or virtual, are so vital to a country, that any destruction or intrusion attempt by outside forces would have a detrimental effect on that county’s economic, physical and social security.

At Cochrane Global, we have assisted Government’s and Military and Defense departments in protecting physical critical infrastructure and national key points for over four decades. We understand the devastating impact of any compromise to major infrastructure. Our company’s role is not to pick up the pieces following attacks but to ensure that the most advanced critical infrastructure security is put in place to prevent such attacks from taking place. Here are some of the most advanced physical perimeter security defence systems on the planet, which we offer to clients across the globe.

ClearVu Shutter Barrier – Controlling Visibility. Protecting against Ballistics

For key assets such as energy production, telecommunications, defence and Government buildings, any physical attack has the potential to disrupt operations and the provision of vital services to its citizens. It is paramount that these facilities are protected by the highest level of physical critical infrastructure security. Manufactured from the finest grade steel and benchmarked as Defence rated 4 type, the ClearVu Shutter Barrier provides controlled visibility that conceals operations, while being reinforced with ballistic shielding to protect against high velocity weapons and other dangerous projectiles from penetrating the property. It is the benchmark in critical infrastructure security that continues to protect key facilities in over 140 countries across the world.

Anti-Rocket Barrier – Withstanding all Threats

In a tense political environment where situations can turn volatile at the drop of a policy announcement or election result, critical infrastructure is often seen as a strategic target for acts of sabotage or collateral damage. With attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, and involving high-powered ammunition, key facilities need to be further reinforced to ‘stand up and withstand the threat’.

The Cochrane Global manufactured Anti-Rocket Barrier is essentially a physical perimeter barrier fortified by a built-in missile defence system. No country can afford to place an army of security personnel at all critical infrastructure sites. The Anti-Rocket Barrier acts as a superior, yet cost-effective line of defense, with the strength to withstand short, mid-range and long-range missiles rockets from the outside. This fencing solution has risen to become an essential barrier in almost all combat environments, and can be scaled to ensure that everything required to fuel the economy and its citizens (energy, hydro, petrochemical etc.) is free from infiltration and destruction from outside forces.

Cochrane Global – The Key to Unparalleled Critical Infrastructure Security

The Cochrane Global team, operational across all continents, is dedicated to providing industry-leading critical infrastructure protection to sites of economic, defensive, and historic significance. Our Project Management team is renowned for identifying and addressing any vulnerabilities, ensuring that key facilities remain secure and safeguarded from outside attacks.

Partnering with Cochrane Global not only secures physical perimeter solutions, but also gives your team access to a hand-picked ensemble of the finest designers, engineers, consultants, risk advisors and project managers in the global security industry. Contact our Team today to speak to your local specialist and request a tailored quote for your critical infrastructure security requirements.

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