01 July 2021

Perimeter security – Three reasons why Businesses should strongly consider upgrading their outer limits

As more and more Government and commercial entities face up to the reality of increased and more sophisticated attacks on their facilities, the spotlight needs to be placed on a thorough perimeter security audit, to ensure that critical infrastructure is adequately protected. Whether your premises is guarded by outdated fencing solutions in need of a radical overhaul, or your perimeter has recently been compromised, despite having the most advanced perimeter security in place, your strategy should always evolve with the changing environment and emerging threats at its core.

As reference, your physical security perimeter refers to the systems and structures in place, on the borders of your property, to prevent unauthorized access, within your perimeter. In this article, we explore a number of constant factors, which should motivate a thorough inspection and potential upgrades to your current physical perimeter security protection.

More frequent incidents of attempted intrusion

A superior physical perimeter security barrier should be primarily erected, both to detect and deter unauthorized access to your facilities. While many entities invest substantial amounts in measures such as, access control, CCTV monitoring, and security personnel, it is critical to remember that a robust perimeter security barrier remains your first line of defense, against intruders, activists would be criminals. A defense type 4 rated barrier, such as they ClearVu invisible wall, or a more specialized perimeter barrier, such as the Shadow Wall, or Reinforced, where threats become more frequent and serious in their nature.

Vehicle-Borne threats have become more commonplace.

As perimeter security advances, the evolving threat from the outside naturally follows suit. With an integrated security barrier of barriers, razor mesh fencing and/or fence toppings, making on-foot penetration almost impossible, criminals have now resorted to using high powered vehicles, in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to facilities. In response to these more hostile threats, Cochrane Global has developed both permanent, and temporary solutions, to deter unauthorized vehicular access to our client’s facilities. The Anti-vehicle barrier provides superior restriction against vehicle based terrorist attacks, or any unauthorized attempts to breach your barrier. While, as a temporary and more-portable measure, our Rapid Deployment Barrier solution allows our clients to instantly deploy up to 300 metres of high security mesh fencing, should any situation or weak-point in their facilities come under attack.

The Risk of Projectile Attacks in High Threat Areas

For Governments and corporations who are operating in high-threat or active combat environments, there remains the constant need to protect critical infrastructure and manufacturing facilities, not just on the ground, but also from airborne attacks. In response to potential acts of sabotage from rocket propelled or missile projectiles, companies should consider investing in a reinforced perimeter security barrier that integrates as a solid missile defense system. While very few entities have the budget to replicate Israel’s Iron Dome system, you can affordably protect your facilities from short, meet and long-range projectile attacks, installation of Cochrane’s Anti Rocket Barrier. This reinforced perimeter is a proven solution to protecting key national infrastructure, energy and telecommunication facilities around the globe, withstanding sustained attack and protecting both your assets and your personnel inside.

Cochrane – The Proven Name in Perimeter Security, Worldwide

With over 30 years of experience in safeguarding governmental, commercial and residential facilities from changing threats and attacks, Cochrane Global at the forefront of physical perimeter security. We manufacture and supply are high security solutions directly, and have a presence across six continents worldwide. If a perimeter security audit sits at the top of your priorities and you demand the most superior products available on the market, speak to our expert team today, who can guide you through all your structural, risk advisory and project management needs, in your area.

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