21 July 2021

Fence Spikes – Scaling New Heights in Perimeter Reinforcement

Fence Spikes – Scaling New Heights in Perimeter Reinforcement

Many prospective clients approach us to inquire about additional physical security measures, that can be added to their existing perimeter fence, post-installation. To deter any potential intruders from targeting your property or business, we recommend the erection of high-quality fence spikes, which can be mounted onto fencing structures, both to deter opportunists, prevent scaling and create an intimidating exterior not to be interfered with. Fence spikes are certainly not to be messed around with. Yet they can also serve a dual aesthetic purpose, with a number of attractive solutions available which can enhance the appearance of your property. In this article we share a number of fencing spike options which stand out from the ordinary, yet never compromise on their formidable security features.

Fence Spikes create an Imposing line of Defense atop your Perimeter Barrier

Much like the audible click of the electric fencing solution discussed in our previous article, the installation of fence spikes acts as both a physical and psychological deterrent to would be intruders. To ensure that intruders cannot scale your property from any angle, Cochrane Global has designed and created the Shark Tooth spike topping system, modelled on the formidable jaws of the ocean’s ultimate Apex predator. These provide and valuable security measure, particularly to properties and businesses that store high value or critical infrastructure assets. Landmark sites which can call under impenetrable protection of shark tooth include; the FNB stadium in Johannesburg, and many luxury car dealerships in the urban centers of South Africa.

Choose an Aesthetic Ring Fence to secure your Property

First and foremost, the addition of fence toppings to your existing perimeter sends out clear warning signs that scaling and intrusion is out of the question. However, in recent times, the demand from clients to integrate design and aesthetic in their outer perimeter, has given rise to innovation in industrial design and the emergence of more attractive solutions. Leading the market in design-inspired and less-threatening fence spike options, is the Castle Spike barrier addition. Manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, Castle Spike answers our customers’ challenge of bridging superior perimeter

protection with an attractive and unobtrusive appearance. This patented solution has now become the mainstay of historical buildings, highway perimeters and retail office complexes around the world.

Advancing Fence Spike Design without Compromising on Deterrence

Changing security threats require a changing catalogue, to meet the demanding needs of Governmental, commercial and private assets. Cochrane Global, the manufacturers of ClearVu Invisible Wall and other physical perimeter security barriers and additions caters to wide portfolio of industries, environments and clientele, ensuring that the most advanced security measures are put in place, to protect your assets and your employees. We operate across six continents, with a renowned design and engineering team that can custom manage your specific security needs, from ideation to installation.

Contact your a Cochrane Global office near you today to enquire about the idea fence spikes for your physical perimeter security banner.

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