24 January 2023

Fencing for Roads and Highways – Protecting both Motorists and Pedestrians

Fencing for Roads and Highways - Protecting both Motorists and Pedestrians

The rise in accidents and fatalities on roads across many nations is a cause for alarm amongst the public. As a result, both national and provincial Governments have had to consider putting a sustainable plan in place to safeguard our roads and ensure the safety of its citizens. While many temporary and permanent solutions have been tested and implemented, innovative fencing for roads and highways has emerged as a dynamic answer to this problem.

In this article, we briefly outline the dangers of not securing key roads and highways with essential infrastructure, while outlining both the ClearVu Invisible Wall and ClearVu curve products as a long-term solution to pedestrian and motorist safety.

The Clear and Present Danger of Unsecured Roads and Highways

With most commuters back on the roads following the lifting of the majority of COVID-19 restrictions, the unfamiliar sight of congestion and busy rush-hour traffic has once again reared its ugly head. This increases the risks of collisions, due to reckless driving, overtaking, and distractions (e.g. motorists on cell phones) not to mention, driver fatigue and the possibility of pedestrians walking into incoming traffic.

Governments, transport departments and key traffic entities should not wait until a catastrophe occurs on our roads before taking action. It is critical that the relevant authorities take preventative action to ensure the safety of their citizens.

What are the Benefits of installing Fencing for Roads and Highways?

While there are a number of fencing solutions that can be installed on roads and highways, it is important to choose the infrastructure that balances both road safety, while also blending into its environment. For this reason, the attractive options of ClearVu Invisible Wall and the ClearVu Curve (for bridges and overpasses) provide high security fencing for the required stretch of road, which are durable, attractive and cost-effective.

The installation of fencing for roads and highways can provide the following benefits;

  • Creates effective demarcation between opposite lanes of traffic
  • Prevents vehicles from veering into oncoming traffic
  • Creates a preventative barrier to reduce the impact and escalation of collisions.
  • Deters pedestrians from running across busy roads and highways
  • Acts as a deterrent for livestock and wild animals to roam onto roads, in rural areas.

One of the key advantages of ClearVu Invisible Wall as the solution to road safety and channelisation challenges is the versatility of the product. All Cochrane Products are modular in nature and can adapt and expand, according to current and future requirements. The product also features extensive security measures, including tamper-resistance and ultra-strong post-finish, to protect your investment from the risks of vandalism and theft.

Safeguarding Roads and Highways across the Globe with ClearVu

The ClearVu Invisible wall is an innovative product that can be used for a variety of purposes, including motorist and pedestrian safety and securing Government, commercial and critical infrastructure. It is made of high-grade steel materials that are virtually indestructible. The ClearVu barrier can be installed on any type of highway, and it is designed to withstand the impact of high-speed vehicles. In addition, the ClearVu wall is highly transparent, ensuring that it does not obscure the broader view of motorists in transit.

At Cochrane Global, we believe that our range of ClearVu physical perimeter barriers provides an important tool to keep roads and highways, both in urban and rural areas, safe and efficient. It serves as an essential part of any nation’s infrastructure.

Contact a member of our Sales Team in your region today, to customise your next project to its exact standards and security needs.

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