24 August 2022

Perimeter Protection – Develop Scalable Solutions for your Site

Perimeter Protection - Developing Scalable Solutions for your Site

The perimeter of any property or business is the first line of defense against unauthorized intrusion. Whether you own a retail showroom, or oversee the operations of residential, manufacturing or Government sites, perimeter protection needs to be at the core of any project outlay. Sometimes regarded as an afterthought, the detection and deterrence of intruders is the core function of effective perimeter security, which if neglected, can have catastrophic consequences for your personnel and operations.

In this news article, we briefly explore how site owners and management can implement scalable solutions for the areas which they have direct control over. By securing your assets, you can ensure uninterrupted activity and harmony by keeping unwanted visitors away from the front door.

Physical Perimeter Barriers – Adapting to different Security Needs

No two properties share the same blueprint for effective security protocols. While the internal activities may require a certain level of perimeter protection, unique external factors also play a deciding role in how to effectively fortify your borderline.

To put this into perspective, a commercial site in an urban area, with active surveillance and quick access to emergency services may not require the heightened level of protection needed by a remote manufacturing site, prone to civil unrest or sabotage. The degree of high security fencing, and the necessity for barrier additions, depends on the extent of both current and future risks that your property is susceptible to.

At Cochrane Global, we never skip over this critical project management step. Our Risk Advisory team assesses and advises clients on effective perimeter protection specific to your environment to ensure that your operations and stakeholder remains in safe hands.

Customized Options to add Scalability to your Perimeter Protection

Security starts at the perimeter of your site. You need a solution that offers unrivaled strength, stability and durability. However, you also need to take into consideration that threats continue to evolve and change over time. The global-leading ClearVu Invisible Wall product range is renowned for its unparalleled anti-climb, anti-cut and tamper resistant design features. But what sets it apart from the competition is its ingenious modularity, which allows the system to be upgraded and extended at a moment’s notice.

Cochrane Global’s commitment to innovation in physical perimeter security has allowed clients across the world to scale up their existing physical perimeter with enhancements such as the Smart Coil and Electric Smart Coil fence toppings, and low-transparency Shutter Mesh. Combined with active surveillance and physical patrol units, we are committed to providing the structural elements your site requires for a fully-integrated, effective and scalable perimeter protection system.

Cochrane Global – World Leaders in Rock-Rigid Perimeter Security

Operating for over three decades in more than 140 countries, Cochrane Global continues to elevate the benchmark by providing world-firsts in security innovation. Scalability remains at the forefront of our design and engineering process, by creating bespoke builds that not only exceed current expectations but also protect against future threats. If your key interests require a unique and complete perimeter protection system, speak to our team today to explore how we can collaborate to create a security solution that ticks all the boxes.

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