12 July 2023

Anti-Vehicle Barriers – Slamming the Brakes on Mobilised Attacks 

Anti-Vehicle Barriers - Slamming the Brakes on Mobilised Attacks

Adequate perimeter security, whether through installing fencing, razor wire, spikes, or other custom security solutions, is crucial in safeguarding key sites, properties and their personnel from potential threats. Using high-powered vehicles, or even hijacking defence vehicles, poses an exponential threat to physical perimeter security (and potentially, national security) that standard high-security fencing may not stand up to. As a result, installing robust anti-vehicle barriers has become an essential investment for clients who may be susceptible to attacks launched with a bit more torque 

In this article, Cochrane Global explores the significance of vehicle barriers, explains the difference between temporary and permanent solutions and introduces its patented and defence-rated solution, the Anti-Vehicle Barrier, as the finest crash-rated product in its class to put a sudden halt to brazen, vehicle-based attacks. 

The Importance of Vehicle Barriers in Perimeter Security  

Securing sensitive locations such as Government/landmark buildings, military installations, critical infrastructure, and public spaces from terrorists and saboteurs calls for the construction and erection of vehicle barriers. These barriers are a primary line of defence, preventing unauthorized vehicles from accessing restricted areas.  

As highlighted by the Office of the US Director of National Intelligence, vehicle ramming represents the most common form of vehicular attack by terrorists in the United States. By mitigating the risk (and rising frequency) of vehicle-borne threats, anti-vehicle barriers ensure the safety of people and assets within a protected perimeter.  

Temporary versus Permanent Anti-Vehicle Barriers: What is the Difference?  

Temporary Barriers   

Temporary vehicle or pop-up barriers are ideal for short-term security and access control needs, such as events, temporary roadblocks or construction sites. They are portable, easily deployable, and offer flexibility in transport, installation and relocation. Common temporary vehicle barriers include; water-filled barriers, rubber speed bumps, and movable bollards. 

Permanent Barriers  

On the other hand, permanent vehicle barriers provide long-term protection for critical sites. Constructed with durable materials such as steel or concrete, these solutions offer enhanced resistance against forced entry and ramming attacks. Permanent barriers include fixed bollards, crash-rated fences, and reinforced concrete walls. They provide greater strength, durability, and visual deterrence, which makes them an ideal application suitable for high-security areas. 

Introducing a new dawn for Defence-Rated Anti-Vehicle Barriers  

Cochrane Global, an innovative physical perimeter security solutions manufacturer, offers an exceptional defence-rated solution in the form of its exclusive Anti-Vehicle Barrier. This cutting-edge barrier system combines advanced engineering with robust materials to provide maximum protection against vehicular threats. The certified and rated Anti-Vehicle Barrier is designed to withstand high-impact forces and ensures optimal security for critical infrastructure and high-risk sites worldwide.

Key features of the Cochrane Global Anti-Vehicle Barrier: 

 Defence-rated strength: Expertly engineered to withstand and redirect high-velocity impacts, offering unparalleled protection.

    Customizable Design: Tailored to meet specific security requirements, ensuring seamless integration with the surrounding environment. It also integrates effortlessly with new or existing ClearVu fence barriers for fortified protection. 
    Deterrence and Visibility: Provides a visual and psychological deterrent to potential vehicle attackers while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. 
  • Reliable Operation: Utilizes state-of-the-art technology and tested components for reliable performance in all weather conditions.
  • Light on Maintenance: Designed for long-lasting durability and minimal ongoing maintenance, thus reducing the overall cost of ownership.

 Implementing scalable perimeter protection measures is essential in an era where political uncertainty and threats to public safety and critical infrastructure are a constant concern. Anti-vehicle barriers, whether temporary or permanent, are decisive in safeguarding essential sites from mobilised attacks. Cochrane Global’s defence-rated Anti-Vehicle Barrier stands out as a reliable and robust solution, offering unmatched protection against vehicle-borne threats.  

Cochrane Global: Your Dynamic Brake Pad in Keeping Threats at Bay  

 Cochrane Global is a globally recognized manufacturer specializing in physical perimeter barrier solutions. With a solid reputation for excellence and compliance, Cochrane Global delivers innovative products that meet the highest international standards while adhering to local security laws and regulations.  

To learn more about our Anti-Vehicle Barriers and other industry-leading perimeter security solutions or to request a custom quote, contact our Team today through one of our global offices. 

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