24 January 2023

ClearVu Fence – 4 Reasons why you should Invest in the Best

ClearVu Fence - 4 Reasons why you should Invest in the Best

As corporations return to work after the holiday break, one name stands apart from the competition when deciding on a physical perimeter security upgrade – the ClearVu fence. Lauded by both the public and private sectors for securing the world’s most important sites and critical infrastructure, ClearVu has earned a reputation as a brand synonymous with unrivaled protection. As a cornerstone of Cochrane Global’s commitment to protecting your people and your assets, we mitigate against your current risk factors and constantly innovate to safeguard your interests from future threats.

Yet, the ClearVu fence is not just a feat of modern engineering; it is also a marriage of security and style, combining sleek aesthetics with unparalleled security features. As a result of the continuous collaboration between our designers, engineers, project managers, and security consultants, all products in the ClearVu Invisible Wall portfolio stand firm but also stand apart in your unique environment.

In this article, we outline the four factors which combine to make the ClearVu fence the benchmark in physical perimeter protection – trusted by governments, corporations, and developers across the globe for over three decades.


A Barrier of Beauty

In collaboration with the world’s finest architects, ClearVu fencing offers clients the most transparent steel perimeter barriers on the market. This facilitates maximum visual exposure of your property’s site, a key draw factor for luxury showrooms and historical landmark buildings. In addition, concealed fixtures allow for a perfectly aligned and flush finish, while a modern coating is a final gloss on the pure aesthetics that emanate from all high-security fencing products that bear the hallowed ClearVu name.


ClearVu Fence – A Security Guarantee

With a rock-rigid manufacturing process in place, covering every aspect of design and panel integration, ClearVu continues to set and elevate the global industry benchmark for unrivaled strength and security.

From our unique tapered posts to anti-climb, anti-scale, and tamper-resistance features, everything is on track and meticulously aligned when creating security solutions to our clients’ exacting standards.


Elevated with additional Enhancements

Drawing on the Expertise of design, civil and structural engineers alongside our project management and risk advisory teams, we learned long ago that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for bulletproof physical perimeter security.


We continue to reimagine and refine our commitment to our clients by developing a wide range of product enhancements and barrier additions, which include the following;

  • Spike Rack – anti-climb wall spikes as an effective intrusion deterrent.

  • Smart Coil – an impenetrable barbed-wire fence solution

  • Shutter Mesh – removing transparency for sensitive or critical infrastructure sites

  • Anti-Vehicle Barrier – can be integrated with a ClearVu fence to protect against motorized threats.

A complete portfolio of our patented barriers and enhancements is also available by viewing the current ClearVu brochure.


Long-Term Durability

Whether our clients operate in sub-zero temperatures, through relentless humidity, or in a sand-abrasive environment, they can rely on a perimeter barrier solution that can withstand extreme environmental factors and human threats in equal measure.

We achieve this through our patent-protected Marine Fusion Bond all-weather coating solution, which is applied to all our products. Thus, ensuring that long-term durability is already built-in when you partner with Cochrane Global as your multi-generational, perimeter barrier security advisor and provider.


Cochrane Global – Collaborate with the Best Today

At Cochrane Global, we have assembled a world-class team across all continents to custom-create security solutions to your unique requirements. If quality assurance is a non-negotiable factor in securing your property or site, partner with a company with an extensive track record in protecting the world’s most important sites and assets.

Any successful physical perimeter security upgrade starts with the ClearVu fence. View our global office locations and speak to our sales team today to get started.

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