12 October 2023

Electric Fences – A Liveline in Securing your most essential Assets

Did you know that the modern, pulsed electric fence was invented and patented almost a century ago to control livestock on farms in New Zealand? From its humble beginnings on the hills of Hamilton to widespread deployment across a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications, electric fencing installations have energised the security landscape and profoundly impacted access control worldwide, offering unrivalled protection for valuable assets and critical infrastructures. 


In any property or space where high-security protocols need to be installed and maintained, electrified fencing remains one of the most robust measures your entity can put in place to deter potential intruders. In this article, Cochrane Global explores the advantages of installing electric fences to your existing perimeter security while outlining the innovative features of our patented Electric Smart Coil solution as an active deterrence to unwanted guests.  


Evolution of Electric Fencing: From Agriculture to High-Security Perimeters 

In the post-WW1 era, electric fencing traces back to the agricultural industry, which was used to contain livestock and protect crops from wandering animals. Much like its present-day conception, it was devised to keep the right people in and the wrong people out of bounds! Over time, its potential for security purposes was recognized, and its application expanded to a broader range of industries.  

Today, electric fences are extensively deployed in industrial facilities, commercial complexes, and high-security defence installations. The evolution of electric fencing technology has led to the development of sophisticated systems, such as the Electric Smart Coil, incorporating intuitive features to address the various security challenges of modern times. 


Tripping on its Advantages Over Traditional Barbed Wire: Detection and Deterrence 

Electric fences offer several advantages over traditional perimeter barriers such as barbed wire. While barbed wire can serve as a deterrent, it cannot actively detect intrusions. In contrast, electrified fences deliver an electrifying jolt to anyone attempting unauthorized entry, immediately alerting security personnel to the breach.  


With the capacity and instant deployment of thousands of volts of electrical current running through the system, this active protection deters potential intruders. It provides real-time awareness, enabling rapid human response and mitigating security threats.  



Which Industries benefit from the Installation of Electric Fences? 

Such has been the physical and psychological impact of its deployment that few environments and facilities are exempt from the benefits of an electrified barrier solution. However, several industries stand to benefit significantly from the installation of electrified fencing.  

High-security environments, such as military facilities, government buildings, data centres, power plants, and correctional facilities, require robust perimeter protection to safeguard critical assets.  

Additionally, industrial complexes, warehouses, and research facilities storing valuable goods or sensitive information can significantly enhance their security posture by deploying electric fences. Moreover, establishments operating in remote or isolated areas can find electric fencing an indispensable security measure. 


Introducing the Electric Smart Coil by Cochrane Global 

As an innovative industry leader in physical perimeter barrier solutions, Cochrane Global has engineered and produced the Electric Smart Coil, a cutting-edge electric fencing system that provides a fresh current in perimeter security. The Electric Smart Coil combines technological innovation with a durable and reliable design, offering unmatched performance in high-security perimeters. 


Key Features of the Electric Smart Coil 

  • Intelligent Technology: The Electric Smart Coil boasts intelligent features that enhance its capabilities, such as integration with security systems and remote monitoring options. This ensures seamless integration into sophisticated security setup to form a complete detection and alarm system. 


  • Safety and Compliance: Cochrane Global prioritizes safety in every aspect of its patented designs – the Electric Smart Coil is engineered to meet strict safety standards across the many jurisdictions we serve, minimizing risks to authorized personnel and wildlife. Our energisers also fully comply with the relevant legislation of all regions we operate in.  


  • Versatility: The Electric Smart Coil adapts to various environmental conditions and terrain types, whether for temporary fencing installations or as a permanent structure, making it a flexible solution for diverse requirements. 

  • Backup Power Capability: With energy uncertainty becoming a rising concern, our solution can be integrated with solar energy and other backup power solutions to ensure that your electric fence current remains active and effective, either for off-grid situations, or in the event of grid outages. 


What sets Electric Smart Coil apart from the competition is a shared focus between the electrical current supplied and the use of the highest quality steel materials in constructing our solution. Our clients are guaranteed that their crucial security infrastructure can withstand both human and environmental threats for generations to come.  


Cochrane Global – Safeguarding Assets in over 140 Countries for over Three Decades 


Electric fences have evolved far beyond their agricultural beginnings, proving indispensable in securing vital assets across various industries on every continent. With the Electric Smart Coil by Cochrane Global leading the charge, cutting-edge technology combines advanced safety features to create a highly effective solution that meets the most stringent security demands.  


For property owners and stakeholders seeking to elevate their perimeter security to unprecedented levels, Cochrane Global stands ready to provide tailored quotes and expert assistance 


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