24 August 2022

Critical Infrastructure Protection – A Focus on Conflict Areas

Critical Infrastructure Protection - A Focus on Conflict Areas

With recent socio-political tensions spreading across Europe, combined with escalating tensions in the South China sea, critical infrastructure protection has once again been thrust into the spotlight. While the protection to human life is paramount in times of crisis and conflict, the disruption, or destruction, of a country’s critical assets has far reaching consequences which Governments and the greater society needs to pay close attention to.

Political instability, terrorist attacks or acts of sabotage are all unforeseen events which can have catastrophic effect on the critical assets upon which organizations and citizens depend. From IT systems, healthcare and food supply, to telecommunications and transport routes, any attack on operations can have a knock-on effect on other critical assets which creates serious and lasting effects for a nation.

Therefore, Critical Infrastructure protection is a macro-economic strategy which should be applied, and continuously updated, in times of peace and stability. Because if conflict were to break out in your region, the ongoing instability would make it extremely difficult to intervene and erect physical perimeter security solutions when it is needed most.

Cochrane Global – Increasing CI Protection and Resilience, Worldwide

At Cochrane Global, we are at the forefront of high security perimeter protection, with an unrivalled situational awareness of socio-political environments. We are security experts, with offices situated around the globe, to ensure that our valued clients’ critical assets are vigorously protected against current and future threats.

From Risk Advisory services, through to manufacture and program management, we pride ourselves on addressing and maintaining the specific needs of the most challenging environments across the globe. Never resting on our laurels, we continue to ask the question, “how can we improve upon existing critical infrastructure security to generate a greater resilience against threats we haven’t yet witnessed?”

A Selection of Critical Infrastructure Physical Perimeter Solutions we offer

Anti-Rocket Barrier – a rocket and missile defense system designed to withstand short, mid, and long-range propelled attacks.

Shutter Barrier – a category IV type concealed fence to provide controlled visibility combined with ballistic shielding.

Marine Floating Barrier – the world’s only, rough-water, high security barrier, designed to deter any seaborne attacks, with a floating design to avoid the entanglement of precious marine life.

Custom Critical Infrastructure – no two projects are the same – Cochrane Global can advise, manufacture and install a custom solution that takes into consideration your unique geographical and socio-political climate and evolving threats.

Upgrade your Critical Infrastructure Partnership Today

In the end, prevention is better than cure. To eliminate the threat before it manifests itself into an actual crisis or conflict, you can count on the organization that has successfully secured numerous critical infrastructure sites in over 140 countries. We continue to elevate the benchmark in critical asset security, to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Contact our Team today via your nearest global location, to discuss, design and deploy your unique critical infrastructure protection requirements.

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