16 November 2023

Intrusion Prevention – Physical Measures to Protect Your Perimeter

Your physical perimeter is the first and strongest defender against unauthorised access. While many entities focus on fortifying doors and windows and installing sophisticated detection systems, these can prove weak against determined intruders. A comprehensive physical perimeter solution acts as an impenetrable shield, securing sensitive areas and minimising potential damage. In diving deeper into intrusion prevention, it becomes clear that safeguarding your outer perimeter is paramount. With this in mind, it should be the springboard for any security strategy when assets and personnel must be continually protected from unwanted guests. 


Cochrane Global’s innovative solutions have consistently proven to be a game-changer in this ever-changing landscape, ensuring that our client’s properties and key assets remain fortified against external threats from all angles. This article outlines the importance of an effective intrusion prevention strategy while presenting a range of solutions that defend your site from unwelcome visitors. 


Identifying Different Methods of Intrusion 


Intruders employ various tactics to breach property defences, alone or as a group. From scaling traditional fences and using sophisticated cutting and heating devices to exploiting vulnerabilities in existing barriers, their brazen methods are diverse and adaptive. Recognising these potential avenues of trespassing is the first step towards a robust property defence strategy.  


Cochrane Global understands the dynamic nature of these threats, emphasising the need for a comprehensive intrusion prevention plan tailored to your specific risks and vulnerabilities. 


Implementing or Upgrading Intrusion Prevention Measures 


Before fortifying your physical defences, a broad risk advisory assessment for perimeter security is crucial. With a track record spanning 140 countries and three decades of experience, Cochrane Global’s Risk Advisory team should be your first port of call. Our expertise lies in analysing, identifying, and strategising customised security solutions. By collaboratively crafting a tailored strategy for intrusion prevention, this key department ensures a seamless transition to the design and implementation phases, overseen by our skilled Design and Engineering, Manufacturing, and Program Management teams. 

Whether you are tasked with securing a newly acquired site or need to overhaul your existing perimeter security infrastructure, our collective experience and collaborative approach ensure transparency and attention to detail in all aspects of your security requirements.  


Introducing Cochrane Global’s Innovative Perimeter Barrier Solutions: 

As the preferred security provider for the world’s most important sites, Cochrane Global understands the influential (and changing) factors affecting effective intrusion prevention. We help secure sites and assets collectively worth trillions of dollars. As such, we take our role seriously, designing a growing suite of products to address diverse security needs: 

These include, but are not limited to; 


ClearVu Invisible Wall: An aesthetic perimeter fence that doesn’t compromise on security. 

Critical Infrastructure: Ensuring vital services remain operational under any circumstance. 


Spike Rack: A formidable top layer of defence for commercial and industrial properties. 

Rapid Deployment Barrier: a temporary fencing solution allowing a swift and mobile response to evolving threats 

Anti-Vehicle Barrier: Resisting high-powered, mobilised attacks with unwavering strength. 

In addition to the above physical perimeter protection solutions, Cochrane Global offers a range of Barrier Additions, providing an additional layer of intrusion prevention tailored to specific threats and possible eventualities 


Cochrane Global – Concrete Solutions to Current and Future Threats 

Backed by hundreds of design patents and an assembled team of world-class security experts, Cochrane Global is a leading authority in the security landscape. We continuously innovate to safeguard our clients’ most valuable assets. At the same time, our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in all aspects of physical perimeter security ensures our clients receive unmatched, ongoing protection.  

Whether taking the first steps in securing your perimeter or continuing to walk the tightrope of keeping intruders at bay, consider Cochrane Global your reliable ally in beefing up your property’s defences. You can count on us to have your back against any potential threats. 

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