29 January 2024

Fencing for Stadiums and Areas – A Big League Perimeter Strategy

Fencing for Stadiums and Areas – A Top League Perimeter Strategy 


Box Office crowds at the NFL. Standing room only, both East and West, to watch NBA playoffs. Not to mention, record attendance to watch superstars such as Messi and Ronaldo showcase their skills, both home and away! It’s safe to assume that live sport is back big time! With the full easing of COVID restrictions, dedicated fans have quickly returned in their numbers, to cheer on their favourite teams.  


While this is exciting news for franchises, teams and fans, it does bring the logistics and security of large-scale sporting gatherings back into the spotlight. In ensuring the successful planning and execution of major league events, infrastructure such as fencing for stadiums and arenas may need a timely audit and upgrade. With physical perimeter security being the first layer of protection for your property and assets, all relevant and necessary measures should be implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and visitors. At the same time, it allows you to put an effective intrusion prevention strategy into place, to keep unwelcome fans out!  


In this article, Cochrane Global explores the growing need for highly effective fencing for stadiums and arenas. We outline vital considerations that stadium and arena management should consider while introducing some of our security solutions that allow you to minimise the risk of public danger.  



Securing the Stadium: Beyond the Spectacle 


The buzz and excitement surrounding significant sports events are unmistakable, with fans regularly filling stadiums and arenas, from San Fransico to Sydney. Yet, as the influx of enthusiastic spectators grows, so does the responsibility to ensure the safety and security of everyone present. It’s not just about the passage of play unfolding on the field; it’s about creating an environment where fans can relax and immerse themselves in the game without worrying about potential risks.  


In light of this, the need for robust, secure fencing for stadiums and additional perimeter protection cannot be overstated. Beyond the visible barriers, stadiums employ state-of-the-art technology and strategic planning to fortify their perimeters. The goal is to strike a delicate balance, ensuring the safety of attendees without sacrificing the warm and jovial atmosphere that stadium and arena management want to preserve.  


From innovative fencing design to anti-vehicle barriers and advanced access control, the emphasis is on stadium management to create a secure yet welcoming environment that allows sports fans to experience the thrill of the game or the show, without worrying about their overall safety. Subsequently, the first step to achieving the Grand Slam of stadium security and an uncompromised atmosphere should involve consulting with high-security experts to address any challenges. 



Security and Fencing for Stadiums and Arena – Key Considerations for Management.  


Choosing a security partner capable of conducting a thorough assessment and tailoring solutions to a stadium or arena’s unique risks and threats should be the central goal of your security strategy. As can be seen in high-profile past events such as the London 2012 Olympics or the recent FIFA World Cup in Qatar, security factors extend beyond crowd control and local rivalries, to also factor in the potential risk of terrorism and violent extremism. With every aspiring sporting venue in contention to be a future World Championship or Olympic venue, a thorough Risk Advisory process should be the starting point of any stadium audit and upgrade.  


Let’s explore three critical criteria that stadiums and management should consider when embarking on the journey to enhance fencing for stadiums and overall perimeter security. 



Stadium Risk Assessment 


Before implementing any physical perimeter security and barrier addition measures, it’s crucial to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment tailored to the specific characteristics of the venue. A reliable security partner will thoroughly assess and investigate the intricacies of the stadium’s location, considering its physical attributes and the social fabric surrounding it. This includes assessing historical or current political tensions, ethnic dynamics, and other social factors that may influence the security landscape. 


A stadium situated in an area with a history of political demonstrations or ethnic tensions may face unique challenges that require more advanced security solutions. The assessment should consider local sentiments, potential flashpoints, and the dynamics of events that could escalate tensions. 


Understanding Crowd Dynamics 


Large gatherings, by their nature, introduce a range of crowd dynamics that must be considered when formulating security strategies. The tragic events of Hillsborough in 1989, or the stampede at Ellis Park, Johannesburg in 2001, serve as a harrowing reminder that sporting events can unexpectedly change beyond the control of the supporters and, in some instances, the authorities. A proficient security partner should possess a deep understanding of how crowds behave during different events, allowing for implementing measures that balance the need for safety without compromising the overall spectator experience. 


It is also worth recognising that the behaviour of a crowd during a high-stakes sports match might differ from that during a music concert or a community event at the same stadium. A tailored approach to crowd management acknowledges these nuances, ensuring that security measures are adaptive and effective across various scenarios. 


Deploying both Temporary and Permanent Fencing for Stadiums 


When developing a robust perimeter security strategy for stadiums and arenas, management and owners should always be mindful of the dynamic nature of events and crowds. One key consideration is the availability and deployment of permanent and temporary fencing solutions. This approach provides a versatile framework that can adapt to varying security needs. 



The Stability and Reliability of Permanent Stadium Fencing 


Permanent fencing is the foundation of the stadium or arena perimeter, offering stability and a continuous barrier to deter unauthorised access. These structures define and protect the venue’s boundaries and contribute to a long-term security framework. They are essential for maintaining consistent protection and deterring potential threats during the “off-season” 
Solutions provided by Cochrane Global for Permanent Security  


ClearVu The Invisible Wall 
A design-inspired, high-security perimeter which can also be scaled to future stadium expansion, the iconic ClearVu the Invisible Wall offers defence-rated security against unauthorised access or insurgency while maintaining an attractive appearance for the sports fans who pass through the gates to enjoy the spectacle inside.  


ClearVu Shadow Wall 
Hardly noticeable to the eye, and enhancing the appearance of iconic sporting grounds, ClearVu Shadow Wall fencing for stadiums expertly maintains perimeter security, safeguarding your MVPs, fans and staff, without restricting views. The addition of transparent fencing  



The Versatility of additional Temporary Fencing Solutions 


At Cochrane Global we recognise that the security landscape never stands still. Stadium and arena events are no exception, where temporary solutions should also be strongly considered and implemented Temporary fencing, such as vehicle and mobile barriers, adds a layer of adaptability to your overall stadium security strategy. These solutions can be swiftly deployed or adjusted based on the specific requirements of an event. For instance, during an intense cross-city derby or promotion/relegation playoff, where crowd dynamics may intensify (and potentially spill over), mobile barriers offer a flexible means of separating rival fans, controlling access points and managing the flow of people. 


Introducing the Rapid Deployment Barrier by Cochrane Global 


Our custom solution for temporary fencing for stadiums is the Rapid Deployment Barrier. Engineered for swift deployment and highly effective crowd control, this innovative razor barrier has been successfully deployed in various sporting events to manage escalating tensions and ensure the safety of both teams, fans and event staff. Its adaptability to diverse environments makes it a valuable asset for maintaining security at significant sporting events without compromising the fluidity of crowd movement. 


Cochrane Global – Securing your ongoing Thrill of the Game 


In conclusion, stadium management is dutybound to safeguard patrons against threats (internal and external, current and future) while prioritising the overall spectator experience, creating a fun environment where fans can immerse themselves in the action without worrying about their safety. This requires an ongoing partnership with a reliable security solutions partner 


Cochrane Global is a leading provider of perimeter security and fencing for stadiums and arenas worldwide. Our collaborative approach to protecting sporting venues and patrons from hostile and violent threats sets us apart. We understand that each venue is unique, and our product solutions and enhancements are scalable and tailored to meet a venue’s needs. 


As the sporting world welcomes the return and unmatched atmosphere of total capacity, we invite stadium and arena management to take the next step in assessing and upgrading their perimeter security by contacting your nearest Cochrane Global office for expertise and assistance. 

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