18 January 2024

Razor Barriers: Elevating Perimeter Security to New Heights

As we enter 2024, the perimeter security fencing landscape continues to transform, evolving beyond traditional poles, spikes and wires, to meet the changing needs of industries and environments. One market segment that continues to evolve is razor barriers, sophisticated solutions tailored to meet unique security needs. In this article, we explore the application of razor wire barriers across various industries, highlighting their pivotal role in deterring intruders and fortifying physical perimeters. We will also showcase Cochrane Global’s razor products portfolio as a leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions to meet current and future security threats.  


Sharpening your Security to the Highest Level 

What are Razor Barriers? 

Razor barriers are advanced security fencing solutions designed with sharp, protruding elements to deter and prevent unauthorised access to your property. This fencing design goes beyond conventional construction, offering a formidable physical and psychological deterrent to would-be intruders. 


Why Upgrade to Razor-infused Barriers? 

Upgrading from standard high-security fencing to integrated razor fence solutions provides enhanced protection. Our current clients can attest that razor barriers, integrated into existing perimeter fencing infrastructure, offer a higher level of security, acting as a powerful deterrent and creating an additional layer of defence against intruders. 


Applications Across Industries 

Razor barriers cater to diverse industries and environments, from industrial facilities and commercial retail spaces to critical infrastructure sites. Their adaptability makes them suitable for various applications, ensuring a tailored security solution for every client’s needs. To meet the security challenges of different industries and environments, the Cochrane team has designed and engineered a range of patented products, offering our valued clients permanent and temporary fencing solutions. 


Key Considerations when choosing an effective Razor Barrier Solution 


Site-Specific Requirements 


Evaluate the unique characteristics of your site, considering factors like size, layout, and surroundings. Cochrane Global recommends a tailored approach to address the specific needs of your property, ensuring optimal perimeter security upgrades and coverage. 


Level of Security Needed 


Determine the desired level of security based on the nature of your operations and any current and potential socio-economic factors affecting your region. Whether it’s a high-security facility or a less critical area, Cochrane Global’s razor barrier solutions are customisable to meet varying security requirements. 


Adaptability of your Chosen Razor Barrier Solution 


Consider the flexibility and adaptability of your desired razor barrier solution. Cochrane Global’s expertise lies in providing solutions that seamlessly integrate with different environments, ensuring that the chosen razor barrier is practical and easily adaptable to evolving security needsOur Risk Advisory team is a crucial unit within our global corporation that can successfully analyse and identify your specific vulnerabilities. Often, your first point of contact in our projects, the team will develop a perimeter fencing strategy to counter any threats to your property, people, and assets. 


Cochrane Global – A Pioneer in Razor Barriers Solutions 


Cochrane Global stands at the forefront of the security industry, offering clients a diverse range of innovative perimeter security solutions worldwide. Our design and engineering team, alongside our Risk Advisory and Manufacturing Department, provide an unmatched level of security industry expertise to assess risk levels and continuously develop innovative solutions to protect our clients’ prized assets.  


Razor Barrier Solutions we offer 


Smart Coil 


Smart Coil is a cutting-edge razor wire barrier designed for versatile security applications. This innovative solution consists of a concertina wire coil that can be erected on existing high-security fences to form an impenetrable formidable barrier. Ideal for elevated perimeter protection, Smart Coil is suitable for a wide range of environments, from critical infrastructure sites to commercial properties. It also has an integrated repulse system to detect human interference and provide an advanced alert to thwart any intrusion attempt. 


Razor Mesh 


Cochrane’s Welded Ripper Razor Mesh product, part of our renowned ClearVu fencing portfolio, represents the pinnacle in razor wire barriers. This solution features a mesh of sharp, high-tensile blades, creating a formidable barrier that deters intruders. Widely used in industrial and high-security settings, Razor Mesh provides a robust physical deterrent while maintaining visibility. Its versatility and durability make it an excellent choice for securing critical infrastructure, correctional facilities, and other sites requiring heightened security measures. 


Electric Smart Coil 


For those seeking an added layer of security, Cochrane Global offers the addition of Electric Smart Coil to your perimeter. This electric fencing solution is an advancement of our Smart Coil product, combining the strength of traditional razor coil with an active energiser, delivering up to 7,000 volts to significantly enhance perimeter security. Suitable for high-risk areas, our Electric Smart Coil product delivers a potent shock to potential intruders, to further bolster intrusion prevention measures around your perimeter. This advanced solution is often erected in military and defence installations, governmental facilities, and other sites where maximum security is essential. 


Rapid Deployment Barrier: 


In volatile situations that demand swift and efficient security response, the Rapid Deployment Barrier from Cochrane Global stands firm as a formidable temporary fencing barrier strategy. Our patented mobile razor barriers are designed for deployment within seconds, in emergency scenarios or temporary security needs. Whether securing event perimeters, managing crowd control, or responding to escalating security threats, the Rapid Deployment Barrier offers a portable and effective solution. Its flexibility and rapid setup make it invaluable for law enforcement, military, and event management teams. 

Cochrane Global – Your Trusted Line of Perimeter Defense. 

By providing the extra edge over criminals and unwanted guests, razor barriers play a crucial role in a comprehensive physical perimeter security solution. With over three decades of experience and inter-generational relationships with many of the world’s biggest economies and multinational corporations, Cochrane Global offers razor barriers and various innovative physical perimeter security products to diverse industries in over 100 countries.  


To fortify your site’s security, contact your nearest Cochrane Global office today and inquire about installing or upgrading razor barriers and other defence measures. 

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