12 December 2023

Perimeter Fencing for Back-Up Power Solutions in South Africa

With growing energy uncertainty, importing and installing backup power solutions have become serious business in South Africa. From solar panels in gated communities to diesel-powered industrial generators, concerned citizens and struggling businesses have been left with little alternative but to invest in expensive systems to keep the lights on and the economy afloat.  

While these interventions are vital to keeping the country chugging along, they also pose a security threat from brazen criminals with an eye on the valuable commodities contained within batteries, generators and PV panels. This is precisely where the need for perimeter fencing for backup power steps in by erecting a high-security barrier that protects your valuable investment from criminal syndicates and opportunists.  
At Cochrane Global, we don’t manufacture or install solar systems, generators or inverters. Nor do we have the magic formula to fix our ongoing energy woes. But we do possess a wealth of experience in securing these essential assets. We work with governments, businesses and concerned residents to ensure an uninterrupted flow of alternative energy. This article explores the importance of perimeter fencing to shield backup power options and tackle the growing risks of theft and vandalism. 

Why are Backup Power Solutions a growing target for Criminals? 

Backup power solutions, including industrial generators, hybrid inverters and solar panels, are necessary (grudge) capital investments when reliance on the national grid is at an all-time low! They are what keep the lights on and production flowing where the power supply isn’t always reliable and load shedding in South Africa descends into its higher stages.  


Unfortunately, the high price tags on backup power components make them irresistible to thieves and vandals. Energy generating systems are often made from specialised metals, along with copper, silver, aluminium, and lithium-ion batteries, which hold high scrap and resale value in the black market. As a result, thefts and damage are rising, causing severe financial and operational headaches for businesses and organisations.  

The need for impenetrable perimeter fencing for backup power is no longer optional but an urgent necessity to prevent disruptions. 

Addressing the Challenge through Perimeter Fencing for Backup Power 

Cochrane Global physical perimeter barrier products, such as the ClearVu Shutter Barrier and ClearVu Reinforced, along with essential barrier additions, such as our Spike Rack and the Electric Smart Coil have become regular and comforting additions to substations and energy generation facilities, both locally and globally. Recently, we have been approached by public entities and private industries who need to step up their security game to prevent sabotage and threats from outside forces.  

The most effective approach we advise our clients on is investing in perimeter fencing solutions for backup power that fits their specific needs. Here’s why physical perimeter barriers for your newly acquired critical infrastructure make sense: 


  1. Deterrence (Mission Impossible) 
    A formidable perimeter fence sends a clear message to potential thieves and opportunists: “Keep out!” It forces them to think twice before attempting to break in. 

  1. Physical Barrier:  
    Fencing creates a severe obstacle. It’s like a fortress wall that makes it much harder for criminals to breach and swipe your valuable gear. 

  1. Access Control:  
    By adding additional features such as gates, biometric access, and security cameras, your entity has exclusive control over who gets in. Only authorised personnel are allowed, adding an extra layer of security. 


Cochrane Global – Grounding your Assets while helping to Keep the Lights On 


At Cochrane Global, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your backup power solutions from the constant threat of theft and vandalism. Our team of risk advisors and high-security experts specializes in tailoring perimeter protection systems that deter potential criminals and provide robust physical barriers and advanced access control systems.  


We’re dedicated to helping you protect your valuable assets and critical infrastructure, ensuring your power stays on when you need it most. By partnering with Cochrane Global, you are assured the peace of mind of knowing your backup power solutions are secure, allowing you to focus on what matters most – keeping the lights on and your operations running smoothly. 


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