13 March 2024

Concertina Razor Wire – Discover a new Twist with “Smart Coil”

In a current security environment era marked by the rise of increasingly sophisticated intrusion attempts, safeguarding assets and ensuring the security of businesses and employees has become more crucial than ever. The demand for reliable physical perimeter protection has surged, prompting the exploration of more innovative solutions to counter current and future threats. Concertina razor wire (also known as razor coil) is a sturdy answer, offering robust defence against various external threats. This article highlights the effectiveness of concertina razor wire while shedding light on the unparalleled capabilities of Cochrane Global’s Smart Coil solution and its role in redefining contemporary security standards. 


What is Concertina Razor Wire?  


A specialised fencing solution distinguished by its coiled configuration and sharp blades. Unlike standard barbed wire, concertina razor wire provides higher security and exceptional intrusion prevention due to its solid materials, intimidating design and anti-cut / anti-climb fencing features. 


Key Advantages of Concertina Razor Wiring Products 


Enhanced Deterrence 


The coiled configuration and sharp blades of concertina razor wire create a formidable barrier, significantly increasing the deterrent effect compared to standard barbed wire. 


Increased Security 


It provides a heightened level of security suitable for critical infrastructure, military installations, and other high-security areas where maximum perimeter protection is essential. 




Concertina razor wire can be installed across various industry applications, offering a versatile solution for safeguarding valuable assets, businesses, and personnel. 


Ideal Industry Applications: 


Military Installations 

Used for perimeter security to deter and delay unauthorised access by individuals or groups. 


Employed to enhance security by creating formidable barriers to both entry and exit. 

Critical Infrastructure  

Ideal for safeguarding areas of national importance and preventing unauthorised entry. 

Industrial Facilities  

Provides an additional layer of protection for valuable assets and equipment. 


Comparing Alternatives to Razor Concertina Wire  

Standard Razor Wire 

Razor wire fencing material consists of wire strands with sharp razor blades spaced along its length. This design enhances the security capabilities of traditional barbed wire, creating a formidable deterrent against unauthorised access. For more information on the effectiveness of this solution, read our recent article on the effectiveness of razor wire in ripening your security needs.  
Ideal Industry applications for razor wire and razor mesh solutions include border control, high-security facilities, correctional facilities and construction sites.  


Barbed Wire 

Barbed wire is a less-advanced security fencing material that consists of twisted wire strands with sharp barbs spaced along its length. Initially designed for agricultural purposes, it is commonly used to create boundaries, mark property lines, and provide basic security. 

Ideal Industry applications for barbed wire include rural and residential properties and temporary fencing measures for events and construction sites.  


*Read our recent perimeter fencing comparison article on razor wire versus barbed wire for more in-depth information on the differences between the abovementioned solutions.  


Which Fencing Solution emerges as the Top of the Toppings? 

In summary, concertina razor wire stands tall and sharp as the most effective choice, offering a combination of advanced fencing design, enhanced deterrence, and versatile applications, making it the ideal solution for contemporary and sensitive security challenges. It surpasses traditional barbed wire by featuring a coiled configuration with strategically placed sharp blades, providing higher security. In contrast to razor wire, concertina wire offers a more advanced and menacing design, making it a superior choice for deterring and delaying unauthorised access.’ 


Introducing Smart Coil by Cochrane Global 

Smart Coil, exclusively manufactured by Cochrane Global, is a superior barrier addition, and our signature twist on the concertina razor wire design. Engineered for maximum security, it combines durability with innovation to ensure heightened protection across various industry applications. 


Smart Coil finds applications across diverse industries, including critical infrastructure, military and defense systems, and high-security zones. Its versatility and reliability make it a preferred choice for clients and property owners who seek top tier perimeter security. 


For clients requiring an additional layer of security, Electric Smart Coil takes protection to the next level by integrating an energiser into a Smart Coil solution, delivering up to 7000 volts of electrical current or just detection – depending on the requirements of the site. 


Cochrane Global – Twisting Traditional Security to new Innovative Heights 

For over three decades, Cochrane Global has been at the forefront of the security industry, manufacturing and supplying physical perimeter security solutions to over 100 countries, across all continents. As a trusted provider, our commitment to innovation is evident in our Smart Coil and our entire security products portfolio, ensuring clients receive customised and unparalleled protection. 


For those seeking cutting-edge security solutions, contact your nearest Cochrane Global office today to inquire about Smart Coil or explore our comprehensive range of security solutions tailored to your needs. 

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