03 April 2024

Police Barriers – Rapid Backup Deployment for Law Enforcement

In the intense and unpredictable environment of law enforcement, officers often face challenging and rapidly evolving situations where maintaining control is vital. Whether they are managing large-scale events, monitoring and quelling protests, or responding to emergencies, effective crowd control is a necessary strategy. Officers can suddenly deal with large, hostile crowds and rising tensions should things get unpredictable. It is critical to set clear boundaries (in the task room, not just on-site) and control how the crowd moves to ensure everyone stays safe and no situation gets out of hand. However, officers and law enforcement agencies can often become vastly outnumbered in times of chaos and urgently need additional physical resources to manage the situation before it descends into anarchy.  


This is where police barriers, such as the Rapid Deployment Barrier, come into play. They offer law enforcement teams a quick and effective method to set up temporary fencing infrastructure and reduce potential risks. In this article, Cochrane Global outlines the urgent need for law enforcement agencies to be equipped with effective perimeter fencing and crowd-control infrastructure to ensure that law and order prevail in tense situations. 


The Importance and Application of Police Barriers in the Line of Duty 


Police barriers are not just physical obstacles to keep unauthorised persons at bay; they are also vital resources to bolster the capabilities of patrol teams in maintaining public safety. These barriers are visible markers of authority, guiding crowd movements and establishing clear boundaries in dynamic environments. When temporary fencing measures need to be rolled out, police barricades offer invaluable support in various scenarios, which include; 


Crowd Control at Public Events 


During large-scale gatherings such as concerts, festivals, or parades, police barrier fencing helps to manage crowd flow, prevent overcrowding, and ensure orderly entry and exit points.  


Managing volatile Protests and Demonstrations 


When tensions run high and threaten to spill over, police barriers act as a perimeter protection between opposing groups or territories, preventing physical confrontations, sabotage and maintaining law and order. In this application, law enforcement agencies need to be able to deploy a solution that is mobile and can rapidly respond to changing threats. 



Securing Crime Scenes 


When securing a crime scene or investigating an incident that has caused outrage in a neighbourhood, police barriers may be required to create a perimeter that restricts access to an incensed community, preserves evidence, and safeguards the area’s integrity. 


Public Safety During Emergencies 


During emergencies such as natural disasters or heightened terrorist threats, temporary fencing barriers can be utilised to establish evacuation routes, secure critical infrastructure, and protect vulnerable areas from potential harm. As an extension of this, the use of solutions such as the Rapid Deployment barrier often becomes an essential strategy to protect critical infrastructure from the threat of terrorists and anarchists that seek to wreak havoc on an already weakened state.  


In each scenario outlined above, where orders are disobeyed, advanced police barriers are pivotal in supporting law enforcement operations in carrying out their duties, protecting lives and securing properties. 


Where can Police Agencies source effective Fencing Solutions? 


Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to collaborate with high-security experts to ensure that physical perimeter barrier solutions can be sourced to diffuse various situations. By calling on the expertise of specialist security manufacturers, agencies can access innovative perimeter security solutions that enhance their ability to manage crowd dynamics and mitigate potential risks effectively. 


Introducing the Rapid Deployment Barrier by Cochrane Global 


The Rapid Deployment Barrier, designed and manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, has become a key physical intervention solution for crowd control and perimeter security. Designed for swift deployment in high-pressure situations, this innovative barrier has become a vital resource for government, military and defence, and private interests. Engineered with mobility, durability and versatility in mind, the Rapid Deployment Barrier offers prime effectiveness as a police barrier, providing an almost instant rollout of secure razor barrier perimeters to mitigate potential risks and maintain public safety.  


Its lightweight yet robust construction enables quick deployment and repositioning, allowing law enforcement teams to respond promptly and flexibly to emerging threats. With a proven track record in hostile environments, the Rapid Deployment Barrier is a testament to Cochrane Global’s commitment to delivering advanced solutions to law-enforcement agencies for unpredictable security challenges. 


Key Features of the Rapid Deployment Barrier 


  • Barriers can be reused and easily transported between different sites. 
  • The use of high-quality materials in its construction and the availability of additional customisations ensure the barrier’s deployment and maintenance even in hazardous and extreme environments. 
  • The barrier is modularly compressed, allowing for swift release and rewinding of the system. 
  • Offering complete mobility, the solution operates without foundations or pinning. 
  • The barrier’s extensive (and expandable) perimeter protection enables police agencies to minimise the policing and security expenses typically required for patrolling a similar area. 


Cochrane Global – Securing Peace of Mind to Law Enforcement Worldwide 


Cochrane Global has been at the forefront of physical perimeter innovation for almost four decades, providing high-security fencing solutions to law enforcement agencies, military and defense organisations, and corporations worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and expertise in our industry has made us the partner for those seeking reliable and effective security measures. Through continuous research and development, we strive to stay ahead of current and future threats, offering tailored solutions that protect our clients and their assets. In addition to our patented police barriers, we offer a range of physical perimeter barriers, including our signature ClearVu fencing, customised water barriers, razor barriers and fencing barrier additions. 


With a focus on quality, service delivery, and collaboration, Cochrane Global remains dedicated to safeguarding properties and communities and enhancing global security efforts. To request a quote for a customised intervention solution for your law enforcement precinct, contact our team today.  



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