05 March 2024

High-Security Fencing – Matching Threat Levels with Solutions

When planning and designing high-security fencing infrastructure for sites, one size certainly does not fit all. In essence, the level of physical perimeter security required for a site such as a suburban shopping centre or residential development will differ extensively from that of a facility such as a prison or sensitive miltary or defence site. Every property, business and landmark faces unique risks and threats, generally shaped by a combination of geographical, socio-political, and operational factors. Understanding and effectively addressing these varying levels of risk (through the right perimeter protection) is essential in safeguarding assets, people, and sensitive information. This is where the deployment of high-security fencing solutions comes into play, offering tailored protection for diverse environments. 


At Cochrane Global, we have secured the world’s most important sites and numerous commercial, industrial, residential and critical infrastructure facilities for over four decades. The key to our success and longevity in the security landscape has been our collaborative approach with our clients in understanding their needs and their budgets to provide the most effective perimeter security for their current and future needs. In this article, we analyse the varying risks and threat levels posed by different property classifications and play matchmaker with our innovative security solutions.  



Navigating Diverse Risk Landscapes 


When conducting a site risk advisory analysis, it becomes evident that no two sites (or threat levels) are identical. Busy retail centres operating from bustling urban spaces face vastly different challenges than a sensitive military installation trying to maintain law and order in an active conflict region. Our team of security experts are acutely aware of the degree of high-security fencing required to ensure the safety of the client’s assets and the fencing application required, which is then communicated to our Design and Engineering, and Manufacturing Team. Recognizing this diversity is the first step towards implementing appropriate security measures 



1. Mitigating Low-Medium Risk Factors at your Site 


In environments such as retail centres, residential developments, and urban settings, the threat level posed by unauthorised personnel and unwanted visitors on the property typically falls within the low to medium range. While security concerns are present, they may not pose an immediate danger to life or critical infrastructure. In these situations, perimeter barriers need to strike a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. 


Cochrane Global offers a range of solutions tailored to these environments. The ClearVu Invisible Wall product has become the benchmark for high-security fencing, providing a discreet yet robust barrier, blending seamlessly into the surrounding area while maintaining an effective deterrence against unauthorized access. 


The ClearVu Shadow Wall, the world’s first post-free fence, offers a high-security perimeter barrier to deter intrusion while maintaining optimal visual exposure from both sides. The application of our patented transparent fencing offers maximum architectural and brand exposure, with the reassurance of Defense-rated 4 type materials and components.  


2. High-Security Fencing Solutions for Medium-High Risk Sites 

As the risk spectrum increases amongst concerned clients (current and prospective), we encounter environments characterized by increased vulnerability to attack and sabotage. Industrial zones, prisons, health facilities, and manufacturing sites are just a few examples where security concerns can escalate, potentially without warning. In these situations, the consequences of any security breach can be substantial, ranging from theft and vandalism to acts of terrorism and sabotage. 


Cochrane Global responds to elevated site risks with various physical perimeter security products designed to meet medium to high-security demands. Our industrial-grade fencing solutions offer enhanced durability and detection and intrusion prevention capabilities, ensuring optimal protection without compromising operations and the movement of key personnel. Some of our innovative high-security fencing solutions which fall into the category of medium-high risk security products include, but are not limited; 


ClearVu Shutter Barrier  


Our ClearVu Shutter Barrier steel fence panels offer site owners, controlled visibility and ballistic shielding to allow the concealment of operational activities which are durable and scalable, to allow future expansion or relocation. 


Smart Coil 


Not necessarily a high-security fence, but an essential barrier addition which can be integrated into an existing ClearVu fencing or other fence structure. The Smart Coil is an intuitive razor barrier solution that acts as a formidable psychological and physical barrier for any opportunist to overcome. 


Razor Mesh 


While applicable to most threat levels, along with being an effective boundary fencing solution for vacant properties, Cochrane’s patented Welded Ripper Razor Mesh offers an impressive diamond mesh pattern design that is virtually impossible to cut and completely reckless to even consider climbing over. It provides razor-sharp perimeter protection for facilities such as airports, border security fencing, oil depots and warehouses throughout the world.  


3. Maximum Security – Rolling out the most Effective Fencing Cavalry 


At the top-end of the risk and threat level hierarchy lie environments where the stakes are the highest and the effects of any breach unthinkable. Critical infrastructure, military and defense zones, and other sensitive installations demand the most advanced security measures. With these key facilities, the potential for sabotage and terrorism remains a grave risk, with even minor breaches carrying catastrophic implications. 


For these high-stakes environments, Cochrane Global offers the most elite high-security fencing solutions on the planet engineered to withstand the most formidable threats. From anti-climb barriers to reinforced ClearVu fencing systems, the Cochrane team has, time and again, created a formidable wall of resistance for our valued clients, tailored to safeguarding assets and maintaining the integrity of vital operations and greater society. These include; 


Critical Infrastructure 

The construction of state-of-the-art physical perimeter security defense systems, tailored to the unique threats and of a country’s vital operations. Our combination of high-security fences, razor wire additions and impenetrable barrier additions is intricately designed and constructed to keep the world’s most important critical infrastructure sites secure. 


ClearVu Reinforced 

The innovative results of decades observing evolving threats, ClearVu Reinforced offers Governments and corporations the strongest fence in existence. Virtually indestructible from cutting tools, angle grinders and other high-powered cutting machines, CV Reinforced provides maximum intrusion deterrence both from armed insurgents and opportunistic individuals. 

Anti-Rocket Barrier 

A rock-solid barrier, extensively tested and proven to withstand a barrage of missile and rocket-propelled attacks, Cochrane’s patented Anti-Rocket Barrier is the defense system of choice for many key organisations operating in volatile environments. Our high-security fencing barrier takes collateral damage on the outside, keeping your vital operations and personnel safe within. 


Cochrane Global – Mitigating the Threat to secure your Future 


When it comes to securing your perimeter, whether from opportunistic criminals or armed attackers, the key lies not in uniformity, but in customization. By matching your current and projected future threat levels with tailored solutions, organizations can fortify their defenses and mitigate risks effectively.  


Through Cochrane Global’s comprehensive range of high-security fencing solutions, combined with over four decades of expertise and experience in the global security landscape, safeguarding your key assets and ensuring peace of mind by partnering with us is a match made in heaven. 



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