27 February 2024

Data Centre Fencing – Deny Access externally with ClearVu

As sites that house services essential to Governments, enterprises, and individuals, data centres may become subject to the highest threat levels during construction and operational upkeep. Valuable technology and materials attract opportunism and theft during construction. At the same time, the value of the vast amounts of personal and corporate data stored on servers within data centres leaves them vulnerable to attack during operation. For this reason, data centre fencing should be the cornerstone of any facility that houses computer systems and components worth millions of dollars. 


The transformation from paper trails to virtual backup of bulk information is well underway. Therefore, protecting data stored within these facilities is more than just a cyber security issue; it also demands superior physical perimeter security as the first line of defence 


In this article, Cochrane Global explores the necessity for premium data centre fencing to be installed on current and future sites while outlining how ClearVu the Invisible Wall’’ can protect your site and sophisticated assets from the virus of unauthorised visitors. 


The Emergence of Data Centres as Critical Infrastructure 


Data centres are one of the most recent sites that can now be classified as critical infrastructure – they are the meeting point that allows an interconnected, online world to function and the central storage point for mass information. Essentially, they are physical landmarks where the cloud meets the surface. In the era of smartphones, remote working, SaaS adoption and streaming services, there is an ongoing need to grow the capacity of data storage facilities to allow our digital ecosystem to thrive.  


While cybersecurity and software engineers take the leading role in ensuring that Cloud storage and operations will always be available and reliable, site owners and operators need to ensure that adequate data centre fencing solutions are in place to prevent any threats to the physical facility and personnel. Physical perimeter security must be on the company’s mind just as much as cybersecurity. From access control to the vetting of contractors and preventative measures against sabotage or terrorist attacks, your security strategy should give equal consideration to cybersecurity and perimeter protection 


Introducing ClearVu as the Perimeter Barrier of Choice for Data Centres 


As mentioned earlier, securing data centres includes physical perimeter security protocols and a sustainable cybersecurity strategy. Governments and corporations, therefore, need to ensure that their data storage facilities are physically secure to enhance intrusion prevention and  

maintain strict, authorised access to the critical facilities in which they operate 


In response to the industry’s recent and rapid expansion, Cochrane Global now offers ClearVu The Invisible Wall as the market’s most effective data centre fencing perimeter. In consultation with industry and security professionals, we have designed and engineered our groundbreaking fencing design as an innovative solution to improve security and safety risks around large enterprises and the critical assets that they manage. In an era where information is key, ClearVu fencing solutions have proven, time and again, to be the word on the street as the security partner of choice in securing the world’s leading data centres.  


Four Reasons to Invest in ClearVu in Securing Your Data Centre 


Defense Rated Fence System 


ClearVu offers your critical facility a defence-rated fence system accredited by defence agencies worldwide, ensuring the highest level of security for your data centre. Trusted by governments and industries with sensitive information, ClearVu’s robust design provides unparalleled protection against intrusion attempts, making it the ideal choice for safeguarding sensitive data infrastructure. 



Attractive Design 


By installing ClearVu over conventional boundary fencing, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics for security. Our high-security fencing solutions feature an attractive design that enhances the visual appeal of your facility while maintaining uncompromising security standards. Sleek and modern, ClearVu blends seamlessly with its surroundings, offering discreet protection without becoming a fortified eyesore. 




As the information age inevitably requires your data centre to expand, so can your data centre fencing infrastructure with ClearVu. Our patented products are designed to be highly scalable and can be easily modified to accommodate future extensions or changes in security requirements. Whether expanding your facility or upgrading your security protocols, you can lean on the broad expertise of the Cochrane Global team to adapt to your changing needs, ensuring continuous protection against evolving threats. 


An Innovative Security Partner 


Partnering with Cochrane Global means aligning your data centre with an innovative security solution trusted for over four decades by Governments and industry leaders worldwide. Our cutting-edge technology and proactive approach to security make us more than just a supplier – we are your dedicated security partner for the current and the unexpected. With Cochrane Global, you can stay ahead of emerging threats and confidently protect your data centre’s assets, personnel and operations on the exterior while your team of engineers safeguard your client’s precious data and applications.  



Cochrane Global – The Leading Choice in Data Centre Fencing Solutions 


At Cochrane Global, we offer physical perimeter barriers that effectively detect, deter and delay intruders who set their sights on your data centre facility. Our patented products have been designed to be scalable to your future expansion and can be upgraded and enhanced to protect your critical assets from emerging threat levels. 


Cochrane Global has worked extensively on data centre fencing installations worldwide in recent years. Our product range is tried, tested and in accordance with leading US, UK and international standards. Our team of security experts will work alongside you to create an advanced fencing system tailored to your specific site requirements, from the project management and risk advisory stage to construction and deployment. We will ensure that the highest levels of security and attention to detail are achieved to protect your data centre from offline external distractions, leaving your team to focus on online excellence.  


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