26 October 2023

ClearVu Fencing – A Secure Solution to Many Industries Applications

Operating in over 140 countries and found in areas as diverse as deserts and seafronts, ClearVu fencing has been at the forefront of physical perimeter security for over three decades. It has helped numerous clients secure airports, universities, power plants, historical buildings, and sports stadiums, blending security and aesthetics to ensure safety without compromising beauty.  

In this article, we will share several industry applications of ClearVu fencing to highlight both the versatility of our signature product and its adaptability to unique risk profiles. 


What is ClearVu Fencing? 

ClearVu Fencing, also referred to as “ClearVu“, “Cochrane ClearVu”, or “Cochrane Fencing”, is an architecturally inspired high-security fence system designed to provide optimal protection and visibility. Unlike traditional fencing options, ClearVu is characterised by its unique features and tailored enhancements, making it suitable across various industry applications. 


Top 5 Industry Applications of ClearVu Perimeter Fencing 

Defence-Rated Security for Government and Military Installations 

Government, Military, and Defence sites demand the highest level of security to protect classified information, assets, and key personnel. ClearVu Fencing rises to this challenge with its unparalleled strength and visibility. Its robust steel panels, designed to be practically impenetrable, provide an effective deterrent against unauthorised access. Furthermore, ClearVu’s transparent fencing ensures that security personnel can maintain visual surveillance without compromising safety. This makes it an optimal choice for safeguarding sensitive government and military installations. 


Note: When the concealment of activities is a priority, our alternative ClearVu Shutter Barrier solution provides maximum privacy to protect sensitive operations. 



Balancing Aesthetics and Security in Commercial Real Estate 

Commercial real estate properties often symbolise success and house valuable assets. The addition of ClearVu Fence panels contributes to these properties in multiple ways. Beyond its formidable security features, ClearVu offers a visually pleasing aesthetic that blends seamlessly within the corporate environment. The unobtrusive design maintains clear lines of sight, ensuring the safety of assets and personnel while preserving the professional appearance of your property.  

Suggested Products: ClearVu Invisible Wall, ClearVu Shadow Wall, ClearVu Curve, along with a selection of Anti-Climb Wall Spikes 

ClearVu Fencing for Critical Infrastructure – Safeguarding the Backbone of Society 

Critical infrastructure, such as power plants and utilities, provide essential operations without which a society cannot function. These facilities must remain secure at all times. ClearVu Fencing is ideal for critical infrastructure security due to its defence-rated properties, durability, and resistance to environmental extremes. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure that it can withstand harsh conditions for extended periods. This reliability is crucial for safeguarding the services that regions and communities rely upon. 


ClearVuMaintaining Safety and boosting Kerb Appeal in Shopping Precincts 

Shopping precincts and retail malls are bustling hubs where safety is a top priority. A system of ClearVu Fences provides an effective solution that protects shoppers and retailers and maintains a welcoming atmosphere. Its formidable security features deter potential threats, while its see-through design retains a sense of openness. This balance is essential for creating secure, comfortable shopping environments. Cochrane Global also offers various barrier additions to maximise your perimeter security and ensure the safety of tenants, staff, and customers.  

In addition to Physical Perimeter Security solutions, the interior areas of commercial properties can be enhanced with ClearVu Cladding for a decorative effect that ensures the safety and well-being of staff and customers while adding style and sophistication to your retail landmark.  


Elegant, Unobtrusive Security for Luxury Housing Developments 

Luxury housing developments require security solutions that reflect the elegance and exclusivity of the properties. ClearVu Fences for residential developments accomplishes this by combining aesthetic appeal with effective security. The fence’s sleek design compliments the high-end ambience of luxury housing while providing superior protection. With the installation of Cochrane security fencing for estates, residents can enjoy privacy and peace of mind without sacrificing their surroundings’ aesthetic and natural beauty. 

Suggested Products: ClearVu Invisible Wall, Shark Tooth, Shadow Wall, Electric Smart Coill. 


Cochrane Global – Your Innovative Partner in Perimeter Protection 

ClearVu Fencing, manufactured by Cochrane Global, is more than just a security solution; it’s a long-term investment in protecting your assets, infrastructure, personnel and family. Hence, its unique blend of high security, aesthetic appeal, and durability makes it an ideal choice for a wide (and growing) variety of industries. As the demand for security solutions grows, ClearVu Fencing is poised to remain at the forefront of safeguarding what matters most throughout intuitive and forward-thinking fencing design. 

When securing your property and assets, ClearVu Fencing has, and will always remain, a name synonymous with security, visibility, and peace of mind. 


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