11 January 2024

ClearVu Fencing Solutions – High-Security Perimeter Protection

 When it comes to superior high-security perimeter protection, Cochrane Global leads the way, offering innovative solutions across a wide range of industry applications. One of our signature product ranges is ClearVu Fencing Solutionsa game-changer in the crucial space of governmental, residential, and commercial security that combines strength with a sleek design. 

This article outlines our revolutionary approach to perimeter security that combines unparalleled strength with aesthetic appeal. 


What is the Essence of ClearVu Fencing?   (H3) 

At the heart of Cochrane Global’s high-security fencing solutions is ClearVu fencing, often called “The Invisible Wall.” What sets ClearVu apart is its unique design, blending high-strength steel with virtually transparent panels. This innovative combination delivers an aesthetically pleasing, formidable security barrier that doesn’t compromise visibility. 


Key Features of ClearVu Fencing Solutions (H3) 




ClearVu Fencing is aptly named for its ability to be inconspicuous without sacrificing security. The transparent mesh design and closely aligned apertures ensure that the fence doesn’t obstruct the view from the inside and outside of secured properties. This fencing design feature provides a seamless blend with the surroundings. 


High Strength 

Crafted from high-quality steel, ClearVu fence panels boast exceptional strength and durability. This makes it a formidable barrier against intrusion attempts, ensuring that your facility remains secure at all times. 


Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut Design 

ClearVu fencing solutions are not just about looks but also functionality. Our anti-climb fencing design deters any attempts at scaling the fence, adding an extra layer of security. The high-quality steel used in the construction of our products also offers a strong resistance level to most cutting tools. To this effect, we offer the highest level of built-in intrusion prevention features currently available on the market.  



Cochrane Global understands that security needs vary across industries. With ClearVu, clients can customize their perimeter protection with scalable solutions to meet specific requirements and environmental challenges, ensuring a tailored approach to security. 



In collaboration with our Design and Engineering team, we have drawn on the experience of past projects and applications to create an expanding range of patented product enhancements and barrier additions. These include solutions like our patented Spike Rack, Electric Smart Coil, and Shutter Mesh.  

Cochrane Global also custom-manufactures Technology posts in tandem with new and existing ClearVu fencing solutions, offering seamless integration of cameras, lighting, motion sensors and other smart technology into physical perimeter security infrastructure. 

Weather Resistance: 

Built to withstand the elements and environmental extremes, ClearVu Fencing Solutions is designed to endure harsh weather conditions without compromising performance and durability. This ensures a long lifespan and reliable security year-round. 


Read more about our Weather Resistance properties in our recent news article on Coastal Fencing and the Marine Fusion Bond difference.  

Applications of ClearVu Fencing Across Industries  (h3) 

ClearVu fencing solutions are ideal for application across various industries where high-security perimeter protection is paramount. These include, but are not limited to: 

Critical Infrastructure: 

Protecting critical infrastructure such as power plants, data centers, and communication hubs is crucial for maintaining vital operations and social cohesion. ClearVu fencing provides an effective deterrent against unauthorized access and potential acts of terrorism or sabotage. 


Government Facilities: 

Government installations require top-tier security. The invisible nature of ClearVu and Cochrane products is an ideal solution for maintaining a secure perimeter without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of governmental buildings. 


Commercial Properties: 

From corporate headquarters to manufacturing facilities, ClearVu fencing solutions offer a seamless security solution and controlled access that doesn’t compromise the professional appearance of commercial properties. 


Correctional Facilities: 

ClearVu’s anti-climb wall spikes and anti-scale features make it an excellent choice for securing correctional facilities, ensuring that perimeter security is robust and effective. 


ClearVu Fencing – Exclusive to Cochrane Global. Available Worldwide (H3) 

ClearVu Fencing Solutions by Cochrane Global is changing the game in high-security perimeter Protection as we continue to foster multi-generational business relationships with our new and existing clients. Our blend of strength, transparency, and customization options make ClearVu the ultimate choice for businesses and places that need top-notch security without sacrificing looks. 

As you look at securing or upgrading your property perimeters, consider ClearVu a sign of Cochrane Global’s commitment to intelligent and effective security fencing. Explore the possibilities of our “invisible wall” and boost your security today with ClearVu fencing by contacting our Team today in your nearest global office. 

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