05 July 2023

High-Security Fences – Taking the Heat Away from Crime Hotspots 

High-Security Fences - Taking the Heat Away from Crime Hotspots


With crime on the rise, very few corporations can afford to hire a private army to protect their assets and people around the clock. Nor should they create an intimidating presence that may put off prospective clients and visitors. But there is a solution in the form of high-security fences, which can provide the same level of protection without the expensive ongoing costs of keeping your assets and people secure.   

While manned security patrols can help mitigate risks and monitor suspicious activities, they cannot be everywhere at once. Complemented by barrier additions, high-security fencing installations offer a comprehensive solution to combat crime and intrusion attempts effectively. It is the most logical investment an entity can make to avoid becoming a future hotspot, the consequences which could see the walls of your business reputation crashing down!   
This article highlights the importance of physical perimeter barriers in preventing crime in commercial and residential environments while showcasing the innovative solutions offered by Cochrane Global, a world leader in Physical Perimeter protection.   

Addressing the Rise of Opportunism and Petty Crime  

 In challenging economic times, acts of opportunistic and petty crimes tend to increase, with no area code out of bounds to criminals. Such crimes pose immediate threats and destroy property and disrupt operations, with potentially catastrophic effects on businesses. While security patrols are beneficial, their spatial limitations make it only sometimes possible to cover every inch of a property.  

 High-security fences enable businesses and individuals to extend their protection over larger areas, acting as an effective physical and psychological deterrent against criminals.  Combining human and barrier controls is your best strategy to work effectively against distractions that can compromise your property and its inhabitants.   

Cost Savings and Enhanced Protection offered by High-Security Fences 

 Investing in (or upgrading to) advanced perimeter security provides immediate protection and yields long-term benefits. By installing robust physical barriers, businesses and residential developments can reduce the need for extensive staffed personnel and patrol security costs.   

This investment translates into ongoing savings while ensuring round-the-clock, permanent protection, even during holiday periods when residents or staff are absent. High-security fences, complemented by enhancements such as; Anti-Climb wall spikes and razor barriers, serve as a reliable and cost-effective solution for safeguarding assets and minimizing the risk of intrusions.  

For more information on the financial benefits of installing perimeter barriers, you can read our dedicated article on price and cost factors that favour of ClearVu fencing 

Enhanced Perimeter Protection in Commercial and Retail Spaces  

High-security fencing offers enhanced perimeter protection, making it an ideal solution for commercial and retail spaces. These environments often house valuable assets and inventory, making them attractive targets for criminals. By investing in high-security fencing, businesses can fortify their perimeters, rendering it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access.  
In the same breath, you don’t want to create an intimidating and hazardous environment, which can scare away the customers and residents you are trying to attract. Innovative products such as the ClearVu product range combine transparent fencing aesthetics without compromising on high-security features and have become a growing mainstay at commercial and retail developments worldwide.   

Industries and sectors that benefit most from capital investments in physical perimeter barriers include, but are not limited to;  

– warehouses 

– manufacturing facilities 

– data centers,  

– logistics hubs,  

– retail stores and outlets. 

Cochrane Global – Extinguishing the Flame in Crime Hotpots for Decades 

At Cochrane Global, we are committed to continuous innovation and supporting businesses, Governments and residents in the fight against crime and violent attacks worldwide.  Our high-security fence solutions offer superior protection to virtually eliminate outside threats, from our designed-inspired  Invisible Wall to the concealment features of the ClearVu Shutter Barrier. With a growing presence across six continents and manufacturing facilities in Africa, the USA and Europe, we are well-positioned to solidify your perimeter with bespoke solutions and barrier additions.   

Contact our Team today through your nearest Cochrane Global regional office to be assisted with sourcing reliable and innovative options to safeguard assets and prevent crime. 


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